Travelling taught me strength

To travel to a new place is to journey beyond your wildest dreams. It is about being fully equipped with the bravery, and guts, to face what is a completely new challenge. My first experience of travelling to Britain proved to be very exciting. Initially, I was continually amazed by how everything was so new to me, so completely different to anything I had previously seen in my own country. Later on, however, I discovered that to stay, live, and study for a long period of time in a foreign culture is a totally different story. Though it may be refreshing and exciting, I would also describe this type of long-term travelling as mentally exhausting and one that involves a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

Until this moment, I had never been able to fully realize the true value of home, but I now see the full comfort that it offers me. It is a comforting place because it understands my identity, and I belong to it. Only once I came to the United Kingdom did I have to deal with those times where people cannot understand the way you speak, the words you have actually spoken, and you have to learn how to act in situations when things become a bit awkward. In those few seconds of pausing between conversations, that scary feeling of anxiety arises again, and when you are still repeating those words and the person you are speaking to still cannot understand, you really start to feel your stomach tighten. It is an experience where you are always expecting, but in which you are constantly without reaffirmation.

However, once you have travelled for long enough, you suddenly realise that you have developed, and have taken on a new aspect of your identity. A person who was formerly not accustomed to queuing now fully embraces this habit; people like me who were once afraid to speak out in English can learn to freely express their opinions in public with less fear than they once had. Of course, to put myself in this position took, and continues to take, an incredible amount of courage. All in all, however, the benefit of travelling is that it encourages people to discover their potential as human beings, not to hold themselves back, and to not be afraid of challenging and developing themselves, even if they once believed they could not.


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September 2021
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