The Treatment: Rock n’ Roll isn’t Dead

Huddled outside Waterfront on a Sunday night are a rag-tag band of people. From younger fans of the revived hard rock of recent years, to those who saw the original wave of British metal, all are eagerly anticipating tonight’s gig.

Opening are Tequila Mockingbird, a refreshing all-female trio who combine classic rock sensibilities with modernised melodies and elements. Riffs are glued together with strong bridges and underlie catchy melodies and sweet harmonies, taking classic rock as a starting point and playing with it.

Airrace follow, taking a more traditional approach to songcraft. The band hark back to the brand of 80s rock championed by Slade; artificial keyboards, guitar solos, powerful lead vocals and a massive grin. There’s a cheesy, fun quality to the band that is rarely seen in modern music, and with a fairly sizeable set for a co-headline slot, the band has certainly given value for money on tickets tonight. Airrace don’t reinvent the wheel, but it’s clear that that isn’t what they intend to do. In a world where many bands are made up of broody 20-somethings trying to make it clear just how serious they are, it’s a relief to see a band made up of various ages just having a great time and being honest and open about what they are.

The Treatment step loudly onto stage with squealing guitars, pounding drums and bass and soaring vocals. Fast, in your face and proud about it, there is probably no band better at channelling the attitude of 70s British metal and rock. Insanely energetic, the band never stay still and channel every last bit of the love they clearly have for their music onto the stage. The room may be half empty, but the band make it feel packed to the rafters with noise, movement and fists in the air. Blazing solos dance over a huge rhythm section routinely; the band seem to have the time of their life on an otherwise typical Sunday night at Waterfront Studio.

There are many bands who could learn lessons from the trio who dominated the stage. The fun they each clearly had was truly infectious.

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