The case for maintaining Trident

The topic of weapons of mass destruction always sparks  debate between the proponents and the oponents. After witnessing the power the WMDs showed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki it is no surprise that the world was basically walking on blades during the Cold War era. However, the question remains: is it smart to maintain WMDs and modernise them, when we know what havoc they are capable of causing? The answer that I am offering may not be popular amongst the political left, however, I believe that once they are done reading my case they will understand the need for WMD’s.

The money spent on a nuclear deterrent can surely be better spent on education, culture, the NHS or welfare for the British people. However, it is crucial to look more globally. The current stance of Putin’s Russia is rather unsettling considering its recent ‘involvements’ around the world. Georgia attacked during the 2008 Beijing Olympic games and losing control of its North Western region may be an old story.

However, Russia annexing Crimea and stirring war in both Eastern Ukraine and Syria is a serious matter not to be overlooked. In addition Russian officials have on more than one occasion threatened to target Denmark and NATO members in the Eastern Europe with their WMD’s if need be. Joining Russia is the former Soviet Union ally – North Korea, which is well known for its hatred towards the West. The former is actively conducting military experiments and according to many intelligence agencies may soon produce an actual WMD that will surely have a sole purpose of eradicating “the corrupted West.”

Therefore, it is essential that Britain is to begin the modernisation of the Trident systems as soon as possible. The up to date WMD’s, their carriers and launch systems will become a tool not only to approach the negotiation table if need be, but also a deterrent that6 will send a clear message that the UK is not to be threatened by the awakening bear in the East or the ‘Prince’ of North Korea.

The rising tensions between the West and the Putin rulled Russia do not seem to be loosening up anytime soon, with Russia consistently upgrading its military by increasing the funding, spreading threatening propaganda.

Unless Mr. Putin’s regime collapses and the dynasty of ‘Kim’s’ crumbles, the world needs to be prepared and willing to show that they are not afraid to punch the bully back.

Don’t get me wrong, I am against the use of apocalyptic weapons just like most other rational human beings. However, in this deeply troubling and uncertain time in our world I believe that the WMD’s allow us to have education, culture, NHS, welfare; and most importantly, an intact global community that does not go to the lengths of self – destruction.

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May 2022
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