UEA has launched three new scholarships for the upcoming academic year, created through more than £640,000 of funding from private donors. The funding will assist 66 gifted and talented students in pursuing higher education or continuing their studies in circumstances where they otherwise could not. More than 500 students have been aided by scholarships as part of the university’s Difference Campaign, currently in its sixth year of existence.

Vice-Chancellor Professor David Richardson said the move was “vital to improving access to university for talented students from less affluent backgrounds, as well as for those who excelled at undergraduate level and wish to pursue postgraduate studies.”

Two of the new scholarships are subject based, with The Main Scholarship and the Nick Hynes Scholarship, awarded to students studying Psychology and the Creative Writing MA respectively. The third is location-based, with The Lee Bray Scholarship targeting students living in the Lowestoft/Waveney area. This year’s is recipient reported to be Occupational Therapy student Leah Ellingham.