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Trump and Melania test positive for coronavirus

Donald Trump, President of the United States has confirmed that he and the First Lady have tested positive for Coronavirus. 

At 5:54 BST (00:54 DC time) the President announced on Twitter the results of the test and stating their plans to quarantine. Physician to the POTUS Sean Conley explained the President and the First Lady are in good conditions and does not expect the requirement for Vice President Pence to take over the President’s duties.

The announcement comes 31 days before the election and only a few days after Trump’s campaign rally in Duluth and the Presidential Debate with Joe Biden.

Now the focus shifts to the people that have been in contact with Trump and his staff during these days of travel around the nation.

The response from various figures in American Politics has been mixed: while most have wished the president a fast recovery, some have also pointed out the many times President Trump has downplayed the severity of the pandemic in America.

British PM Boris Johnson and Russian President Vladimir Putin are amongst the heads of state that have wished the POTUS and his family good health.


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