Trump Presidency: Is the planet doomed?

Darkness has descended upon the United States, but President-Elect Donald Trump has pledged to keep the oil lamps burning. Trump is about to embark on a crusade to destroy the environment, alongside the hopes and dreams of millions of Americans.

This is the latest revelation in the series of truly surreal events which have transpired over the last few weeks. This all probably stems from Trump’s steadfast belief that global warming is a ‘Chinese-invented hoax’. There are two major directives that Trump desperately wishes to eradicate; the Paris climate agreeement and the Clean Power Plan.
Under the Paris climate agreement, all the governments that signed are obligated to ensure that global temperature rise remains at no more than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Countries which have signed the agreement include many economic world-leaders, such as China, India, the European Union, the United Kingdom (as our government hasn’t yet announced that it will change its stance post-Brexit), and of course, the United States. Trump’s proposed abandonment of this policy marks an aversion away from the general international consensus on global warming. There are fears that if Trump follows through with his proposed rejection of the Paris climate agreement, it could set off a ‘cataclysmic domino effect where other countries also drop out or ease off efforts to decarbonise’, according to The Guardian.

The Clean Power Plan was ‘Obama’s linchpin emissions reduction policy’, in which many corporations such as eBay have pledged their support. Designed to ‘cut emissions form power plants’, this bill met a lot of resistance from Republican governors, who claimed that it would be ‘economically damaging’. Despite 365 businesses and investors lobbying state governors to support the legislation, Trump is still planning to scrap it.

Michael Mann, a climate researcher, stated: “A Trump presidency might be game over for the climate… it might make it impossible to stabilise planetary warming below dangerous levels.”

Alongside these two preventative measures for global warming, Donald Trump is also planning on eliminating billions of US dollars worth of clean energy funding. He is interested in rerouting aid money which is currently being sent to developing nations suffering the effects of first-world induced climate change.

Furthermore, Trump has appointed conservative think tank leader Myron Ebell to oversee transition plans for a government department Trump has ‘casually earmarked for abolition’; the Environmental Protection Agency. This, coupled with the provisional appointing of ‘oil billionaire’ Harold Hamm as energy secretary, would leave the landscape of the United States vulnerable to big business exploitation on an unprecedented scale.

However, this is hardly a shocking revelation. It’s merely the latest in a long line of disturbing and unsettling things Donald Trump has done since his foray into politics. We shouldn’t lose any sleep over this though, as Trump did dub global warming as ‘nothing to worry about’.

But then, Trump will be perfectly safe from rising sea levels sitting comfortably in the penthouse suite of Trump Tower.


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