TV Series Review: Heartstopper

A queer British coming-of-age Netflix series, Heartstopper is a wholesome rom-com teen-drama. The series follows the unlikely friendship of shy protagonist Charlie Spring, and popular, rugby-playing Nick Nelson. Their affections for one another blossom into a beautiful romance, leading them to navigate young queer love at school.  

Premiering an eight-episode first season in April 2022, Heartstopper has already been renewed for a second season – after its successful release directed by Euros Lyn. 

The Netflix series is based on the graphic novel and webcomic series by Alice Oseman. The show features Oseman’s iconic leaf doodles which whirl and float around moments of the show. 

Offering a dreamy rose-tinted portrayal of young queer love, whilst focusing on the realistic challenges of identifying as queer at school, it’s difficult not to fall in love with this show. The audience are drawn into the pure tenderness, and compassion within which it addresses relatable coming-of-age issues. 

The chemistry between Nick and Charlie is undoubtedly what makes this series so endearing. Raw, and emotional moments are beautifully portrayed by leading cast members Kit Connor and Joe Locke. Watching the show as though we are reading the personal entries of a school diary – the music, screenplay, and cinematography thread together a narrative which captures innocent, young, queer love. Offering a moving portrayal of sexual discovery, and positive LGBTQ+ representation, a heart-warming show like Heartstopper is a must-watch for young audiences today.  

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