Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part II – review

So, after all the tween-anticipation, the final Twilight film is here. In this, the second part of Breaking Dawn, we see Bella, Edward and their new child come under threat from the Volturi, resulting in the famous couple having to recruit vampires from all over the world to help them.

If you are a Twilight fan, then this instalment will soon fall into your category of much-loved films, as it would appear to be able to do no wrong. However to those that have not read the books, nor are massive fans of the previous films, this conclusion to the series will prove no different. In no way will it convince you to take joy from Edward and Bella’s forlorn relationship.

As a stand-alone narrative, the film would not appear to make all that much sense. Although it is a sequel, little is done to remind us of the past other than the occasional flashback. This, combined with the introduction of new characters to appeal to an audience unfamiliar with the previous films in the franchise, provides a confusing premise. However, passing over the lack of backstory the plot of the film is very simple, and no moment is overly predictable.

Breaking Dawn: Part II has clearly been made with its fan base in mind, which by no means is a bad thing, especially for that said fan base. For the rest of us however, it’s just a bit strange.

Part II has been dubbed the best of the series for the fans, which is understandable given the strong emphasis on the romance between Edward and Bella. With the couple now married the film allows fans to finally see them happily set up at home and, with the majority of issues with Jacob put aside, their relationship and its sense of eternity is really foregrounded.

Alongside this, the several new vampires that join up to fight and solid performances from those concerned provides the film some variety in place of the angst-ridden teen-love-triangle. The film’s subplots and shorter sequences, including some of these secondary characters, also provides some relief from the over-stylised and, quite frankly, hideous music video aesthetic of the love scenes between Edward and Bella.

Overall, for the existing Twilight fan, Breaking Dawn Part II is not a disappointment. The film has clearly been made in consideration of those that have spent their time and money on the franchise, and it has led to a film that turns the final book into a visual treat that few can deny is a decent adaptation.

Although there will be people who are sad to see the franchise finish, this final instalment has allowed it to leave on a high, even if it leaves those who aren’t fans a bit bewildered over what all the fuss was about.


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