Twin Atlantic interview: “There’s inspiration from the idea that we’re all pretty similar”

Scottish rockers, Twin Atlantic are back with a fourth album, GLA. The record goes back to the band’s Glaswegian roots and is already shaping up to be a return to heavier form, after the catchy pop delights of Free and Great Divide.

The record is such a different listen from your last two releases- what can we expect from the tour?

“We’ve been playing three songs or so a night at the moment and it’s gone well. People seem to like it!”

Ross added that the band consider it a “release” to play their new tracks. “I think it adds something to the set and makes it a little bit more dynamic.”

GLA is a homecoming for you, with tracks like ‘No Sleep’ and ‘The Chaser’ echoing your first album, Vivarium. Was it inspired by your roots or by life on the road?

Vivarium was written predominantly in Glasgow, and we were so much younger then… more excitable and angsty. After Free and Great Divide – and getting to travel everywhere – we were getting to do the things we had always dreamed of doing, so in a way, that attitude you have drops off when you’re getting to do what you’ve always dreamed of. The sound of your band just goes in a different direction.”

He continued: “When it comes to this album, we had always planned on taking a couple of months off in Glasgow, back with our friends and family. We wanted to focus on spending a bit more time with them at home and trying to just write for the first time ever – since Vivarium – in our own city and with our own lives going on around us.”

He makes the recording process sound almost relaxed, saying: “We’d finish a day in the studio and then go and meet mates in the pub.” But this laid-back mood contributed to the record’s sound. “Our wives and girlfriends are in Glasgow, so our actual lives went into making this music, rather than writing a song in the back of a tour bus somewhere in America. Your dreams and imagination come into it much more: it’s much easier to reflect Glasgow by actually being in Glasgow.”

Is there inspiration from anywhere besides home on the album?

“The album is named after our home city but it’s not necessarily about Glasgow. It’s about the idea of home… kind of a snapshot of what it’s like to live in a city – sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it. There are things about where everyone lives that annoy them but they’ve made them who they are.”

“That’s the situation we have here: our inspiration is kind of from Glasgow but it also came from people and places and friends from around the world. We’ve been lucky enough to travel and meet so many people and all of them have the same relationship with where they’re from.”

“No matter where you’re from, I suppose there’s inspiration from the idea that we’re all pretty similar. We have the same loves and hates.”

What’s next for you guys after the tour?

“It’s pretty much just flat out touring until the end of the year now! Next year, we’ve got America and Australia, and maybe around that time it’s right to start thinking about what’s next.”

“At the moment our sole focus is on getting this album out and playing it to as many people as we can and just seeing what happens.”

GLA is out now, and Twin Atlantic play the Waterfront in Norwich on the 16th of October.


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