Are typical romantic destinations overhyped?

Paris, Venice, London, the Maldives; a few examples of where many couples retreat to for romantic getaways. But is it really worth it? I’ve visited the Eiffel Tower before, and let’s just say, it’s almost impossible to savour the romance when hundreds of tourists are bustling around you. It’s not that romantic locations are bad, it’s because they’ve become so popular that it’s difficult to have a private romantic moment.

Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t visit these places – if you want to go, then go. However, it’s important to realise that it won’t be like it is in the movies. If you are to go, don’t go because you want a romantic moment, go because you want to explore and because you want to experience something new.

You could also try visiting countries that aren’t as well-known. Or, if you go to visit a popular attraction, don’t forget to explore other places in that area as well. For example, if you go see the Eiffel Tower, why not also visit the Sacre Coeur? If you go to Italy, instead of writing your names on a lock and attaching it to a bridge (which has damaged the bridge), why not visit the Boboli Gardens? There are so many beautiful places in each country, you don’t always have to choose the most popular because they’re not necessarily the best.

Romance doesn’t depend on your location, it depends on who you’re with and what you do. That’s not saying travelling to new places with your partner isn’t desirable. In fact, it’s what many people want to do. Perhaps it’s not the final location that’s important but rather the journey there (as cheesy as it sounds). Travelling with someone for an extended period of time can be daunting and stressful at times. You learn to be patient and understanding with your partner.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t say no to a romantic getaway to the Maldives or Italy. In defence of popular romantic destinations, it’s something to look forward to in a relationship. There’s something satisfying saying: ‘I went to Paris with [whoever]’ because it implies it would have been a romantic trip.

Ultimately, do I think romantic destinations are overrated? Yes, I think they are. But that doesn’t mean I think you should avoid these places just because they’re popular. Discovering new places with someone you love is a wonderful thing to do. It doesn’t matter whether that’s to a famous romantic destination or somewhere completely unknown.

My advice is when you do go on trips with your partner, let things happen naturally. Going on the London Eye? Great, enjoy the ride. Don’t forget there are many other places in London you could visit. In the end, what you remember won’t be where you were but the feelings you had when you were with your partner. And just remember, if you are reluctant to travel to overrated romantic destinations, there’s nothing wrong with dinner and a movie at home.


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June 2021
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