What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is run by the UEA Development Office. It was set up in the 1990s in response to a number of charitable donations, and has continued to grow ever since. As part of the Annual Fund there is a Call Campaign that takes place each year.

What is the phone call all about?

A team of student callers gets in touch with alumni each year, beginning three years after graduation, for a number of reasons: to update details, to ask alumni about their time at UEA and to raise awareness of, and donations for, a number of projects. The Call Campaign is not only a crucial part of the Annual Fund, raising around £100,000 every year, but it is a positive experience for the caller (who hears first-hand about what UEA used to be like and the career paths alumni have taken since) and the alumnus (who receives information about current events at UEA).

What do I get out of all this fundraising?

Briefly: loads! While our tuition fees cover basic course costs, they cannot possibly cover everything we get to enjoy as students. ‘Student Experience’ is just one area that sits under the Annual Fund umbrella and its purpose is to support projects that enhance our time at UEA. The massive refurbishment of the library? It was part-funded by the Annual Fund. The School of Mathematics Learning Resource Centre? You guessed it. The yoU-tEAch bursary payments? Yep – and that’s just the start. The Annual Fund has supported projects across the whole of UEA, from conferences, scholarships, trips and Union events. Students from the School of Nursing have had the opportunity to complete clinical placements in Malawi. The School of Biological Sciences were able to send a team of undergraduate students to the iGEM Competition. Sudents in the School of Chemistry have been able to engage more readily during their contact time through the purchase of handheld whiteboard and handsets. PSI students have received funding for transport and accommodation for their internships in Brussels. If you keep an eye out around campus, some of the projects which have received support from the Annual Fund have a plaque to say so.

As well as enhancing your university experience, during the 2012/13 Campaign student callers have been raising awareness for a number of different causes. ‘Research Excellence’, which will provide support to important work, specifically in climate change and medical research, ‘The Difference Scholarships’ for undergraduate and postgraduate students, which, in celebration of UEA’s 50th anniversary this September, will award £3,000 per annum (for up to three years) to a number of talented students, the ‘Earlham Hall Campaign’, to allow a major redevelopment of the Earlham Hall outbuildings for the School of Law, and ‘Where the Need is Greatest’, for unrestricted gifts that allow the University to be more flexible in where the money is directed.

Who decides where the ‘Student Experience’ money goes?

A Disbursement Panel, comprising UEA alumni, UEA representatives and a member of the UUEAS committee, meet to discuss which projects they would like to support.

Why should I donate?

The more facilities and opportunities UEA can support, the higher its reputation will be, lending prestige to the degree you will already have. Plus, there’s the warm, fuzzy feeling of having done something positive!

Where can I find more info?

There is more information available online at www.uea.ac.uk/annualfund. If you want to volunteer your time to the Annual Fund, visit www.employability.uea.ac.uk to find out how to become a student caller and help out with the campaign.