UEA Boat Club storms to season victory

UEA Boat Club (UEABC) has had an impressive season this year, with the Womenís team achieving wins at every head race they entered. The Men’s senior squad achieved 15th in BUCS Head and the novice squad achieved 16th and 18th in the BUCS Regatta.

Turning our minds back to Derby Day, UEA Rowing achieved excellent wins with both squads defeating Essex by more than a minute.

Regatta season usually starts with the BUCS Regatta. This year UEABC went on to compete at Twickenham Regatta in Richmond, London. As a club, they were particularly successful at this race, with both the Novice Menís squad and the Novice Women’s squad winning their categories, thus receiving British Rowing Points and Pots. This is a significant acheivement for UEABC.

The Twickenham Regatta was far from smooth running, with the car containing half the Novice Men’s eight breaking down on the A11, but they muscled through and made it to Twickenham with the help of Mike Buchan’s mother. Thankfully, the races went smoothly, with both the Novice 8’s smashing their oppositions.

The menís eight destroyed Twickenham Boat Club by at least a boat length. This win against a team on their home river was the morale boost the squad needed, fuelling them for the next race against Kingston. UEABC had previously raced them at the BUCS Regatta and once again they humiliated  them, winning with a comfortable boat-length lead.

The Novice Women won both of their heats with considerable leads – leaving their opposition in their dirty water. The two squads truly showed their potential, showcasing their impeccable rowing. The 6-day training plan this year has really brought out the best in all of our athletes.

As the club moves forward into next year, UEABC has more events lined up. Although they are saying goodbye to many members, they see their novice crews moving into the senior categories. They are striving to achieve even more titles, with a more rigorous training plan.

UEABC is growing fast and their successful year shows that their boat club is now competing against larger clubs across the counties; UEA Rowing are now competitors in the higher tiers of racing compared to the lower tiers, which smaller clubs are confined to.

Fred Hicks, a third year Political Science student, commented on UEABCís win. “Regattas are always a great day out in themselves. It was our last event of the season together as a whole squad, so to have such a solid set of results was the perfect way to end it, especially for the novices!”

Watch out for UEABC, 2017-18 is going to be a huge year.


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