UEA Boxing: it’s not like ‘Fight Club’

As UEA’s ‘This Girl Can’ Week reaches its end, it’s safe to say that this campaign has made an impression on meI’m happy to announce that this girl ‘could’. You see, I had spent the majority of First-Year either sitting or lying down, to the point of muscular atrophy, so I decided that it was finally time to get active.

After dabbling in many a taster session, like some exhausting, sweat-inducing speed dating, I finally discovered boxing. I originally coerced a friend into joining me, thinking that if my nose was going to be broken I’d at least know the name of the person who did it, but I’m fortunate to say that nothing on my face has been rearranged yet.

The truth is, that boxing is less ‘Fight Club’ and more of a lesson in self-esteem. One which just so happens to teach a mean uppercut. No one pushed me beyond my limits, no one shamed me for the fact that I couldn’t do fifteen press-ups in a row. The atmosphere is encouraging, even for me, the slacker at the back who pretends that lying on her stomach is the same as a plank.

The reason I’m saying this isn’t just to document my lack of upper body strength, but to show that you don’t need to be a professional sportsperson to enjoy this aspect of student life. You’ve heard it all before; UEA’s facilities are Olympic grade, with enough space to host over 50 sports clubs, which can all seem a little overwhelming for someone trying to find a sport that suits them.

What matters most isn’t what you may feel is a more ‘impressive’ sport, and not what looks best emblazoned onto the back of a jacket, but how comfortable and happy you feel in your chosen environment.

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