Derby Day got off to a fun and energetic start with the cheerleading as the UEA Angels took on the Essex Flames. The girls all looked very lively in their fun and glittering outfits.


The Flames began with their pom dance, performed to a range of Beyoncé music, always a winner for the crowd. The girls were incredibly in sync with strong presentation. There was a relatively small group of Flames and it was later revealed that their team is also their competition squad so they were very much expected to win.

The cheerleading moved on to the Angels stunt performance, opening to the Black Eyed Peas. The girls really held their shapes in the air well and had perfect timing. There were some great gymnastic tumbles and flips, and the girls moved out of their lifts elegantly. The performance as a whole was very upbeat and the ending was particularly dramatic.

The Flames then took their turn to perform their stunt routine. There was a lot going on and, at points, it was difficult to fully engage with everything happening at once and so quickly. One girl was dropped and, unlike UEA, the Flames struggled to keep her up in the air. Their moves as a whole seemed difficult, but were performed with a strong energy. The girls weren’t always in sync, but their ending was very theatrical and added to their overall performance.

The finale of the cheerleading came with the UEA Angels pom dance. The girls performed brilliantly with huge energy and an amazing performance, their facial expressions really showing the fun they were having. The dance was upbeat, fun and engaging for the audience and, as the Angels had a much bigger group of girls performing, it was more unique.

After around 20 minutes of deliberating the results were in. The Essex Flames won the pom dance, as was expected due to their usage of their competition squad, and it was a draw for the stunt performances. The judges clearly had huge difficulty in choosing the winner and with both universities dropping a girl in their stunt routine the outcome was fair.

Overall, the UEA Angels performed fantastically and were robbed of a win in their dance section. The fun and engaging performances from all of the competitors were a delight for all of the spectators and got the day off to a great start.