UEA goes beyond the binary

UEA student’s union celebrated transgender awareness week last week, with a variety of talks and events taking place throughout the week. Exploring topics such as transgender sexual assault, the week aimed to bring transgender issues to the forefront.

One such event was run by transgender activist and writer, Katy Jon Went. ‘Beyond the Transgender Tipping Point’, in which they discussed the genders and sexualities following LGBT. They said, “Those who have gone before need to start fighting for the tail, and they need to represent the tail.

“More conversations are needed about the other letters. Many of the forefathers of gay rights only thing that L and G exist.”

They continued, discussing the multiple support groups available in Norwich, of which there are now more than 12.

Went said, “On the path to humanize we created a lot of labels. Young people have created a lot of labels that the older generation don’t understand. We cannot seperate gender and sexuality from one another.”

In the talk, they explored the variations of gender, stating that, the bible references three genders, and the Australian HRC recognizes and protects 23 different genders. Currently, Facebook recognizes 70 genders. There are at least a dozen sexes based on chromosomes alone, with at least three variations of each XX and XY chromosome.

Commenting on the week SU LGBT+ Officers Lee Brown and Sharmin Hoque said:

“It’s been really great to have support from across UEA, students and staff alike for this year’s awareness week. This year we’ve managed to host a whole variety of events to show that not all transgender and non-binary people are the same.

“The feedback suggests that hundreds of students have learned new things about Transgender and non-binary people and we are hugely grateful to UEA Pride and Feminist Society for their help through the week”

Charlotte Stebbing-Boulet, Transgender non-binary and intersex welfare representative for UEA Pride said, “It went really successfully. The open mic night in particular was really great.

“Trans awareness week is of vital important in bringing viability to the transgender and non-binary community who often get overlooked.”


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February 2021
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