UEA investigates student over racist post

A UEA student is being investigated by the university after making a Facebook post calling black people violent and aggressive.

In the post, the student said black women in particular were “full of hatred, vengeance and prejudice”. They went on to call black people “violent, aggressive and sexist”.

Another section of the post read: “Blacks blame whites for all their problems and promote violence on men by women, ignore sexual assaults on men and whine for equality when they are treated better than whites. Are they entitled? I guess so.”

The post was deleted after a fellow student posted a screenshot of the remarks to Twitter. At the time of reporting, more than three hundred people have shared the tweet. 

Dr Jon Sharp, Director of Student Support Services, said: “The university has a zero tolerance approach to incidents of this nature. UEA has a diverse campus community and all students are expected to treat others with respect, according to our student regulations.

“We take any incident of this kind extremely seriously and an investigation is already underway. If that investigation determined that our regulations have been broken then appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. It would be inappropriate to comment further until the investigation is concluded.”

The student under investigation told Concrete: “All I want to say is HUGE sorry [sic] to all those that were offended by my post. I was blind and didn’t realise the impact of my actions which caused grief to my dear friends and many other people. Again, I am sorry.”

Tope Ogunnaike, a second-year English Literature student, said she felt unsafe reading the student’s remarks.

She said: “When I saw the original post which is now deleted I was shocked to see such confident and blatant racism on social media. I was more shocked to find out he goes to UEA and it immediately made me feel uneasy and unsafe that me and the rest of the black community share the same campus as this person.

“I’m also someone who has seen many ‘fake’ apologies online and when I saw this one I instantly knew he didn’t understand that actions always have consequences and a false panicky apology will not free you from punishment.”

Miss Ogunnaike added: “I would tell black female freshers to continue to be proud and unapologetically black, the ACS [African-Caribbean Society] and black community on campus is small but it is strong. If anyone is affected by any racist altercations we have your back 100%. This is an example of that.”

SU Ethnic Minorities Officer Amanie Mathurin said: “The university’s policy on racial harassment (which is available to all students) couldn’t be any clearer- racial stereotyping, derogatory remarks and racist jokes, or the ridiculing of racial ethnic or cultural differences isn’t tolerated.

“UEA students have the right to live and study in an environment free from that kind of discrimination, and while we don’t comment on individual cases we will support uni action taken if students are found to be in breach of this policy.”


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