UEA Library’s Hidden Gem

Did you know that the UEA Library is home to more than 10,000 music CDs?

Many students aren’t aware of the collection; I only came across it by chance on the way to some books. The CDs were originally intended for academic purposes, and of course, CDs are no longer the medium of choice for the majority of students nowadays. But there’s something endearing for any music lover about experiencing a song the way an artist intended it to be consumed.

Whether you prefer to hold music in your hands but had to leave your record player at home, have a long car journey coming up or just love reading the booklets, there is something for everyone, from Rock and Pop to Classical, Jazz and Blues.

Students can take out up to six CDs at a time for free, for a fortnight. They can be borrowed and returned in the same way as books, but the fines system is also the same, so remember to return them on time to avoid a 20p per day charge.

You need to unlock the protective casing at the main desk as you leave, after passing through the exit barriers. It’s really easy to do, and staff can help you if you’re stuck.

Admittedly, you’re not going to find the most up-to-date chart hits. But, if you want to research an artist you’ve heard about but never got round to listening to, the Library CDs are perfect. Or, you can take a chance on something you would never spend money on – or something you wouldn’t want going towards informing your Spotify suggestions!

And a browse of the music section is ideal procrastination fodder for when you’ve been working for a few hours in the library and are in need of a break!

For fans of small silver discs, the library is also home to a selection of DVDs for when Netflix fails you and you fancy a flat night in that won’t go flat.

You can find the shelves on Floor 2. For more information, visit:

Image credit: Tim Frumbert, Flickr


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