A UEA sponsored fashion project has recently hit the catwalks at London Fashion Week.

The Incrops project, a scheme that works in commercialising bio-renewable and low carbon products from alternative feedstock, tasked fashion students from Kingston University to create their own designs sourced purely from sustainable materials.

The Vauxhall Fashion Scout showcase at LFW featured Julia Skergeth’s pair of high-heeled shoes made from a mixture of rice, silicon and bio-resin. Julia was inspired by the shape and pattern of rice grains and experimented with its uses on both shoe templates and within the bio-resin.

Several other designs have also flourished under the Incrops scheme, with student Jen Hope experimenting with scrapped patent leather to create patterned engraving through laser technology. Likewise, Elizabeth Gilby has worked in developing virtual pattern cutting where designs are directly projected onto the model.

Dr Liliya Serazetdinova, programme manager from InCrops said:

“The fashion industry has a high environmental footprint and is responsible for a significant amount of waste, but these exciting designs use natural and renewable materials to create stunning luxury goods.”

The collaboration is hoping to inspire other fashion designers to adapt the idea of using renewable material in the creation of clothing and accessories for the fashion industry.

Check out the designs: