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The first episode of PLATFORMER, a new online show on video games, was released this Halloween on UEA:TV. It brings the start of a monthly Let’s Play series with host James Penny, well-known for ‘The Penny Arcade’, his gaming-music podcast on Livewire, and UEA:TV Editor and Cameraman Alex Viney.

Each week, James will have a guest join him in reviewing a selection of popular gaming titles from the last decade. In the first episode, we watch him play a horrifying multiplayer survival, Friday the 13th, with Livewire’s Alex Dalton.

As you can probably tell from the title, the premise is based off the1980’s film and later franchise. The objectives of Friday the 13th are as brutal as you’d expect. With up to seven players taking control as Camp Crystal Lake counselors, their aim is to survive the mass-murderer Jason Voorheas, controlled by the last player in the game. Armed with Jason’s infamous machete, the last player’s aim is to kill as many of the others as they can before time runs out.

Alex plays as Jason in the beginning of the episode, and from there our pair of gamers enjoy themselves as they slay defenseless counselors using infrared vision and a wood axe, although they get a bit weirded out by the whispers of Jason’s mother in the air. Friday the 13th, as it turns out, is a game that’s difficult to take seriously – especially with the low-resolution graphics of victims’ screaming faces. When James takes the controller, it seems there are some other… comical, if broken, elements of the game. Some of the cinematic death scenes are also a bit nasty to watch. ‘Should you buy this game?’ asks James – Alex gives a definite answer. ‘No’.

You can watch the end of their review online, and look out for the next episode of PLATFORMER where James will be playing the new Spyro Remaster, due to be released at the end of November.

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