Music School to become UEA Music Centre

Music will continue to feature at UEA despite the closure of the school, according to head of MUS, Professor John Charmley.

Music centre

From the academic year 2014/2015 onwards, the Music building will house UEA’s Music Centre, supervised by Dr. Sharon Choa, its director of music. Scholarships will be available to UEA students interested in receiving lessons from tutors and refining their musical skills. There will also be many opportunities to take part in the University orchestra or choir.

At least four music events will be organised on campus and in the city centre each year, such as the annual Christmas concert, as well as collaborations with the university’s orchestra in residence, the Chamber Orchestra Anglia.

Charmley said: “The Music Monitoring group, set up to ensure that student needs would be looked after, is very happy with the way that this is happening in the School so that what is happening with the Music Centre has in no way detracted from the student experience.”


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