Mixed fortunes for UEA Netball

The UEA Netball 1s sit top of the Midlands 2B BUCS league after a stunning 63-21 win against the Nottingham 3s at the Sportspark.

Netball - Geraldine Morizet

UEA made a strong start, scoring eight goals before Nottingham could find their feet. After the first quarter, the home side were up 15-3, following some great shooting by both Sarah Clark and Alex Makin. Wing attack Asha Williams fed through to the circle brilliantly.

The team appeared to be gelling well in their first competitive match of the season, with the second quarter following a similar pattern.

UEA made changes to the team dynamic in the third quarter, with the team proving a little less solid, but still continuing to thrive offensively.

The hosts had a fantastic final quarter, with a strong defence, consisting of Charlotte Moorhouse, Natasha King and Amber Parrot, frustrating the visitors. Their constant interceptions kept Nottingham at bay and helped lead the home side to victory.

Nottingham named Clark their player of the match, whilst centre Sally Grice was named both the player’s player and the coaches player for her fantastic performance.

While the first team were winning in Norwich, the UEA 2s took on the Oxford Brookes second team in the Midlands 4B league. The away side lost 27-18, but showed huge promise. Shooters Helena Bradbury and Deyonte Abbott-Lewis put in good performances, but Bradbury was injured in the second quarter, leaving Abbott-Lewis as the only shooter. The latter was named the player’s player for her efforts.

With new players finding their feet in the team and injuries to contend with, the team can take heart from their performance. Captain Becky Borrows said, “Despite the score, I feel confident we will have a promising season.”

Next week, the second team will play against the Nottingham 4s at the Sportspark, whilst the UEA first team travel to the Midlands to play the Birmingham 3s.


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