UEA professor Catherine Rowett elected as MEP

UEA philosophy professor Catherine Rowett has been elected as an MEP for the Greens in the UK’s European elections. In her acceptance speech she said, “Now is the time for action, not words.”

For the election the UK was split into twelve sections in terms of area. Norwich was in the East of England area. The Greens took 12.7% of the vote in the East of England, and 26% of the vote in Norwich.

Prof Rowett said: “People have voted against the old politics, against hate, against business as usual. All round the region, kind, warm-hearted people have dared to vote Green for the first time.”

She added: “It was a vote to remain in the EU, to retain your rights as EU citizens, to work together across borders; but it also signalled a commitment to place environmental protection top of the agenda for the next five years.”

The East of England announced their results from Chelmsford, with Labour losing their only MEP in the region, the Conservatives losing two seats and UKIP losing three. The Liberal Democrats gained two seats and the Green Party gained one seat. Mirroring the national results, the Brexit Party were the largest winners, gaining three seats and over a third of the vote in the East of England.

Many are viewing this election as an indication of the public’s opinions on Brexit. The newly formed Brexit Party have the largest share of the national vote, 31.6%. Yet anti-Brexit parties have a larger vote share (40.4%) than pro-Brexit parties (34.9%). Anti-Brexit parties comprise of the Lib Dems, Greens, SNP, Change UK and Plaid Cymru, while the pro-Brexit parties are the Brexit Party and UKIP. Both the Tories and Labour are split in their support for or opposition to Brexit.

The vote share for the East of England is as follows:

The Brexit Party: 37.83% (+37.83)
Liberal Democrats: 22.62% (+15.76)
Green: 12.67% (+4.20)
Conservative: 10.25% (-18.12)
Labour: 8.73% (-8.53)
Change UK: 3.65% (+3.65)
UKIP: 3.42% (-31.06)
English Democrats: 0.64% (-0.41)
Attila Csordas: 0.20% (+0.20)

The following candidates have been elected as MEPs for the Eastern Region:

Richard Tice (Brexit)
Micheal Heaver (Brexit)
June Mummary (Brexit)
Barbara Gibson (Lib Dem)
Lucy Nethsingha (Lib Dem)
Catherine Rowett (Greens)
Geoffrey Van Orden (Conservative)

Turn out in the East was 36.37%, with 1,603,017 votes cast of an electorate of 4,407,975.

Scotland will declare their MEPs today, and Northern Ireland’s results are anticipated to return on Tuesday.

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