Sex survey 2018

UEA’s naked self-assurance

Roughly two-thirds of respondents reported that they felt either confident or indifferent (neither confident nor unconfident) with their naked body, results which largely conform with the British Social Attitudes Survey in 2013 – which found that 69 percent of all adults were satisfied with their own appearance.

Furthermore, reflective of the liberal and open atmosphere on campus, an overwhelming 83 percent of respondents stated that they were comfortable talking about sex or sexuality.

However, the flipside of all this positivity is that a significant minority of UEA students possess a negative body image of themselves – something which raises concerns about the possible impacts on mental health and academic performance that this creates. A negative body image can result in low-self-esteem and depression and improving the wellbeing of students feeling negative about their own body should be a priority, particularly when considering the increased strain on local health services in recent years.

And with 57 percent of respondents saying that confidence issues affect their sex life, raising the self-esteem of students may also have positive effects that extend into the bedroom. What better reason to feel good naked?


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