UEA’s Student Union introduced a free printing machine, as part of a series of new projects to help students with the cost of living at university.

The printer, which is located in union house, provides free printing on paper which has an advertising banner.

Theodore Antoniou-Phillips, Undergraduate Officer, said that despite Student Union research showing students’ are under “real pressure” financially, the University does not give students a basic allowance of printer credits. Currently, some UEA schools offer students a number of pages of free printing a month.

Antoniou-Phillips said the Union sees this as “ridiculous” and hopes the introduction of the Union House printing machine while “not perfect” should help students with university resources. He said: “It’s all part of a wider SU commitment this year to tacking the costs of being a student and we’re happy to take ideas on other ways to get costs down.”

Other cost-saving introductions at Student Union selling places include a Value Range, with the launch of economical products marked by gold stars and allowing students to eat their own food in Union cafes.

Antoniou-Phillips has called on the University to do more to help students with the cost of living, saying that whilst officers are “doing what we can within the SU” University services need to do more.

He said that the Student Union this year will be pushing for “joined up thinking” regarding student living costs.

He is asking that all services from academic departments to the catering department “see students not as cash cows, but as learners who want to succeed at UEA without the burden of additional debt.”