The UK is better off in the EU

If there’s an factor that’s sure to throw even the most convinced advocate of EU membership, its the Union’s intimate involvement in pushing for the introduction of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Why would any self-respecting anti-corporatist wish their nation to be connected with such a terrifying leap towards a neoliberal global economy? Well, why on earth would one expect Brexit to make the threat disappear? We are led by one of the most aggressively right-wing governments on the continent. While Francois Hollande speaks out against the unregulated free trade TTIP would bring, our own Prime Minister promises to put ‘rocket boosters’ behind the drive towards the deal.

The desire of prominent EU officials to grant these unprecedented powers to corporate interests is undeniable, but it is foolish to assume that the neoliberal threat resides solely in Brussels. By distancing ourselves from the EU we leave ourselves increasingly susceptible to its influence. Our world is absolutely facing a political crisis, but turning our backs and insisting we are better off alone is not the solution.


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Charlie Dwyer