UK Parliament votes for general election on December 12th

After three failed attempts, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson successfully gained the support of parliament for his proposed December 12th general election. In all previous votes Labour had refused to support the election, despite having consistently asked for one following Johnson’s election, due to the threat of a no deal Brexit. However, following the EU’s offer of an extension to January 31st 2020 this is no longer an issue. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn then said his party would support the election and the vote passed in parliament just hours later on the 29th of October.

If the bill is approved as expected by the House of Lords then parliament will be dissolved on Wednesday the 6th of November and the 5 week campaign period will begin. This will be the first December general election in the UK since 1923. Brexit is of course expected to be a key issue of the election, with the more extreme leave or remain parties like the Brexit Party and Liberal Democrats hoping to win seats from Labour and the Conservatives. The result of this election could even result in a second referendum.

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