Underwear 101

Lost in lingerie? Boxer trouble? You’ve come to the right place. When it comes to underwear and trying to figure out what our partner might like to see us in, many of us can become buried in advice and troublesome thongs. Well, don’t get your knickers in a twist just yet, because Concrete Fashion are here to save the day!

We all like to look our best for our partners and in the bedroom it’s even more important, when you want to be extra confident and extra saucy.

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

Pretty much every undies survey ever says don’t over complicate. Too many colour combos can be a distraction so whether you’re going colourful or not, go matching! Red is up there with the classic black, but go with what you feel like! Keep to pleasing tones – that means no neon and cheetah print. They never go down well, even if you really are an animal in bed.

Then there’s complicated design. If you thought having someone take your bra off was enough of a car crash, then further zips, buttons, hooks etc. are going to be a hundred times worse. It’ll kill the mood faster than when they ask, “How do you take this off?” So if you are going a bit intricate, make sure you can undo it at least! If, however, you can involve your partner in taking your garments off in a seductive way, for instance silk bows that can be undone or boxers that can be taken off with teeth, then you can make the hassle of undressing a bit more fun!

Choices, Choices…

There are so many good choices on the High Street, but therein lies the chaos of trying to settle on the seduction set. So, here at Fashion we’ve decided to compile a little list of, some of the top rated lingerie to get your partner hot. All are good, so just go with what you feel most fabulous in!

1 First up is the ‘ole push up bra. Who knew people liked cleavage, right? If you can get a bit of detailing on there too, like a bit of lace, you’re definitely onto a winner.

2 Next, as if in matching pairs, the thong. It’s no surprise there’s a song written about them: the majority love them! Which leads us to our next preference…

3 Less is more! Most guys love seeing a bit of flesh – to be honest they love seeing any girl in underwear whatever – but if you’re getting into something a little more uncomfortable for your other half then you might as well show off a bit.

4 Get seductive. In a survey by College Magazine, they found that 80% of men loved a ‘seductive set’ of lingerie. Though bare in mind that ‘seductive’ is open to interpretation… leather and animal print rated pretty low in the survey, so you might be better off avoiding the S&M masks and leopard chemise…

5 Sexy accents can go a long way, and no, we’re not talking about a kind of role-play. We mean suspenders! They fall for them every time. So why not get a bit saucy?

But when it comes down to it, one of the sexiest things is to be confident and comfortable. The truth is – anything that makes you feel sexy will be sexy because sexiness comes from you! So, love your body and flaunt what your mama gave you!


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