Union officer banned from LCR after biting security

A Union officer has been banned from the LCR after stealing from behind the bar and biting a security guard.

Welfare, community and diversity officer, Jo Swo – who was elected for a second year in March 2016 – was banned after what has been called “unacceptable” behaviour at the A-list club night on Saturday.

She was involved with a number of incidents at the event on 26th November whilst on a night out with a group of other Union officers. The group posted photos on Facebook that showed them sat on tables in the Hive, as well as swearing at the camera. It has been confirmed that during the night, Miss Swo stole from behind the bar, used the cloakroom without paying, and bit union security staff. It is reported that a number of union staff complained about her behaviour and that the item Miss Swo stole was a packet of ready salted crisps.

Miss Swo acknowledged the incidents and apologised for her behaviour. She said: “My behaviour on Saturday night was completely unacceptable and I came in the next day to apologise unreservedly to the staff involved that handled the incident. It’s crucially important that our code of conduct sets standards that all students including officers have to follow. I will obviously abide by any sanction issued under the SU code.”

A Union spokesperson confirmed the ban, adding: “The SU has a robust members’ code of conduct, set democratically by the Union’s council and supervised externally which sets out the standards of behaviour expected by all students in Union venues, and the action we will take when the code is breached. In this case the officer concerned has been treated as any other member committing these offences on a night out would be treated- which in this case means a suspension from licensed premises- and the expectation is that there will not be a repeat.”


A previous version of this article stated that Miss Swo stole from the bar. This has been updated to specify that Miss Swo stole one packet of ready salted crisps.



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  1. Imagine if a lecturer had done that – they’d be hung from the highest post – shes no different, shes on the University’s payroll. Sack her and send her packing!

  2. Ah, karma. It’s a beautiful thing! Miss. Swo sits there in her position condescendingly dishing out her Corbynista leftist diatribes to the lowly younger students she sees herself as ruling above. We can never really do anything about her but sit there and cringe as they sully the name of UEA by banning sombreros and irrelevant things that do not matter in the grand scheme of life. Well luckily karma has our backs. Thank you, karma. And STAND DOWN JO SWO. Someone start a petition!

  3. fire her. she doesn’t believe in “freedom to be a dick” after all.

  4. I wonder what the reaction would have been if a member of a sports team (for example) had assaulted a member of security staff; I imagine it would have involved the police, and would not have ended with the union making no statement.

    Unfortunately the people with the power to remove her aren’t the students she is meant to be representing. I think there should be a referendum (of current students, not including the five ex-student officers) on her position.

  5. I think someone should bring a vote of no confidence against her at union council! Its never okay to bite! Its never okay to steal!!

  6. Forget sombreros and white poppies I want the Union to do something about people who abuse their power and act aggressively!!!

  7. I am rather puzzled that one of the chief advocates of the admittedly admirable ‘not okay’ campaign against sexual harassment at the LCR should herself engage in violent activity. It surely unfeasible that she can retain her position or else the union loses any vestiges of credibility it might have after the persistent moral posturing of Jo Swo and her colleagues. I suppose they view it a forgivable offense.

  8. HAHAHAHA – and she’s the one who’s supposed to be looking after student welfare.

    Well done Concrete, brilliant story.

  9. Surely that’s a sackable offence…No sanctions for the other union officers in the group either? What a joke.

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