The unknown side of Tokyo

When thinking of Tokyo’s attractions, many people would perhaps consider Shibuya crossing or an old town in Asakusa. Indeed, these places are great and worth visiting. However, after spending 2 months observing Tokyo`s every corner I found some fantastic places which might be not mentioned by travel guides that are still very interesting.

Firstly, Rainbow Bridge. Many tourists enjoy the view of the bridge from different observation decks or Odaiba island. The bridge instantly became one of my favourite places in Tokyo and it is therefore surprising that so few people know of it.  Unlike many observation decks in Tokyo, the entrance to the Rainbow Bridge is completely free. Moreover, this bridge has multiple decks on both sides (south and north) from which you can get astonishing views of different parts of Tokyo. Sometimes, when the weather is kind, you can be lucky to see Mount Fuji. More than that, since the bridge is quite long (about 800m), the views change as you walk along it, and when approaching the end of the path, you can even get a view on the bridge itself!

Because there are no glass windows at these observation decks, you can easily take the most gorgeous pictures even at night. Secondly, the Rainbow Bridge gives you a thrilling experience. Being 52 meters above water while seeing a 180 degree panorama of Tokyo and having trains, cars and motorcyclists all rushing at a high speed behind you definitely makes your walk special and exciting. Finally, this is not a very popular place, therefore, you will likely not meet many people during your walk and you can fully enjoy walking along the bridge experiencing  its pure atmosphere. My recommendation would be to go there after sunset so you can get a magical night view.

Secondly, Meiji Jingu Forest. Believe it or not, but one of the quietest places in Tokyo is actually located in one of the most crowded areas. When people come to Harajuku, the district where Meiji Jingu Forest is located, they usually visit a shopping street, Yoyogi park and of course Meiji Jingu Shrine. Not many of them know that there is something else interesting behind the shrine. When I went to Meiji Jingu Shrine I noticed a number of paths, and I could not help following them. I had no regrets. On my way I saw giant jungle trees that looked as they were spreading to infinity, and came across just a couple of people. When the jungle ended, I wandered into the beautiful park with lots of unique trees, a lovely lake and a small bridge. In summer, all the trees are green, but if you come there closer to sunset, you will see how the sunlight turns green trees into orange and yellow ones and makes the scenery even more wonderful. Without any doubt, Meiji Jingu Forest is a perfect place to relax, refresh and feel the nature.

These are only two of numerous unpopular places of Tokyo that are worth visiting. If you ever have a chance to visit this great city, go beyond well-known attractions and explore different places. And you will not regret. Because Tokyo is one of those cities that will never stop surprising and astonishing.


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June 2021
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