There are always some stretches in the Autumn when you feel trapped in lecture halls, nervously checking the weather application to see if your tea time by the lake is possible, only to step outside to the dreaded sound of the drizzle. You dream of seeing far-away places to quench your travel deficiency but understand that there is no use bagging a cheap flight if you burn a hole through your wallet on the first round of drinks. Fear not! To tick the budget box, start with the list below to scout for your next travel bargain.

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
While Bulgaria may not top off your bucket list, Sunny Beach might just tempt you. With one pint costing only 70p, a two-course meal for two (including wine) that adds up to less than £10, and rooms for £25, a weekend at Sunny Beach will give you the treatment you deserve. Late-night options include The Cacao Beach Club and the Sunny Beach Party Crew, but if you’re more of the sit-back and relax type, Nesebar boasts classic churches, and Luna Park offers an evening at the carnival.

Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius has been the force behind Lithuania’s booming tourism over the past decade. With its strong history, enchanting architecture, and quaint cafes, this capital should be worth the short flight. It is also incredibly economical. Its accommodation and craft beer options surge at £20 and £1 respectively. Must-visits include Bambalynė, a bare-bricked beer hall, Užupiz, an artistic neighborhood, and the city’s UNESCO-protected Old Town.

Tbilisi, Georgia
Conquered and reconquered for centuries, Georgia’s capital now wears its battle scars with pride. From its 4th-century medieval fortresses to its post-Soviet era art cafes, Tbilisi offers something for everyone. Because of the production of Georgian wine in the nation’s Kakheti region, one artisan bottle is as inexpensive as £5. You can also go on foot to PAM Club, where you can find music, drinks and some bizarre art for about £13.

České Budějovice, Czechia
Curious about the Budweiser beer’s history? Spend a long weekend at České Budějovice, home to a brewery cooking up this internationally renowned beer which can be purchased at 85p. Just two hours south of Prague sits a city adorned in elegant townhouses, historical towers and idyllic rivers waiting for your visit. To top your nightlife, visit Staré Časy, an old-style pub by the canal, or Čajovna U Hrušky for after-hours music, more drinks, and art displays.

Ghent, Belgium
Ghent is a fairy tale city that never sleeps. Their cobbled streets are flooded with tourists by day, and at night, the city turns into an incredible music scene. For all the night owls, Oude Beestenmarkt and De Overpoort offer quality nightlife after-hours where you can enjoy brilliant music, cheap £1 beer and a great atmosphere while dancing the night away. Great party spots include Club 69, Hot Club Gent and Niche Club. Bonus point: Ghent is only 3 hours from Norwich by flight, making it the closest trip on our list!

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