Upcoming: The House on Cold Hill at the Norwich Theatre Royal

“When something like that is going on in front of you you might want to look away but you’re so riveted you won’t be able to” – Persephone Swales-Dawson

“It makes people feel alive in a way – that prospect of not knowing what might happen or imagining what could happen” – Charlie Clements

Fancy some spooky drama and intrigue? Get ready for an exciting new thriller to hit the Norwich Theatre Royal stage with the premier of Peter James’ play, The House on Cold Hill, based on his 2015 best-selling novel. This exciting new writing tells the story of a family starting a life in what they hope will be their dream home in the Sussex countryside. Only to find things are not as they seem when there are strange and unsettling disturbances in their house. The new occupants discover they are not the only residents of The House on Cold Hill, and the plot spirals into scenes of shocking and supernatural twists.

This thrilling drama entails a stellar cast, including Rita Simons, best known for her portrayal of Roxy Mitchell in EastEnders and winner of Most Popular Newcomer at the NTA’s amongst other critically acclaimed awards. She will play Caro Harcourt, wife of Ollie Harcourt who, it was recently announced, will be played by Joe McFadden, the BAFTA nominated actor and winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2017.

Rita Simons describes the play as “a brilliant and modern-day supernatural thriller that had me totally gripped and occasionally jumping out of my seat!” Fellow cast members include Charlie Clements who also stared in EastEnders, and Persephone Swales-Dawson who played the serial killer Nico Blake in Hollyoaks. This production will be her first professional stage debut.

The play’s creator Peter James is the man behind what is now a critically-acclaimed stage franchise, The House on Cold Hill being his fourth play to follow the sell-out success of his previous writing of Not Dead Enough, The Perfect Murder and Dead Simple. The latter two have previously visited the Norwich theatre scene.

When asked about the premise of The House On Cold Hill, James stated that, ‘The House On Cold Hill was very much inspired by what happened to myself and my former wife in 1988. It’s about a couple: Ollie – who made a very successful business in internet web design and he’s sold it, which is what gives him the money to buy the house – and his wife Caro, who is a lawyer. They’ve been townies all their lives and they decide to follow the dream so they buy this big old wreck in the country, moving to it with the idea that it’s going to be their forever home and they’re going to spend the next ten years restoring it. Then they find out that they may not be the only people living in it!’

James will be collaborating for the fourth time with two-time Olivier-nominated producer Joshua Andrews, and the Olivier award-winning director Ian Talbot, as well as award-winning writer Shaun Mckenna. With a strong cast and production team, The House On Cold Hill promises to be a thrilling spectacle with chilling twists in this modern take on the classic genre.

The House on Cold Hill runs from March 11-16 at the Norwich Theatre Royal.

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