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Upcoming at Norwich Theatre Royal: The Watermill Theatre’s Macbeth

Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a classic we all know and love, but Norwich Theatre Royal has shaken things up with an upcoming rock and roll version. The Watermill Theatre’s Macbeth is sure to delight audiences with music from the likes of Johnny Cash and The Rolling Stones.

Concrete interviewed Billy Postlethwaite, playing Macbeth. Billy has made his fame through popular television programmes such as Chernobyl and Game Of Thrones. His interview is as follows:

1) What is the most important thing to remember when doing something creative?
Being open to new ideas, being willing to try things out and working as part of a team.

2)Where do you find your inspiration in life?
I take inspiration from the people I know and the people I have known.

3)How has working with others influenced your own performance and understanding in the arts world?
It’s always interesting to work with new people and see how they approach text in different ways.

4) How has becoming such a success in the arts world positively affected your abilities?
I always consider there to be things to improve on and work towards which keeps me creatively fuelled.

5)If the audience only takes away one thing from the Macbeth performance, what do you hope that will be?
A sense of danger and fun.

The cast also includes that likes of Emma McDonald, Peter Mooney, Offue Okegbe, Mike Slader, Molly Chesworth, Robyn Sinclair, Emma Barclay, Jamie Satterthwaite, and Lucy Keirl.

The performance has been described as ‘dazzling’ by The Guardian, and director Paul Hart claims: ‘The aim is to create new Shakespeare productions that excite and engage audiences of all ages and walks of life.’


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