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Valentine’s Day: an excuse for couples to take off somewhere romantic, new and exciting. There is an endless list of romantic locations for that perfect getaway, both close to home and far away. For me, I associated Budapest and Vienna with romance. Two places I longed to visit, and my boyfriend at the time was my ticket to go.

Cities like Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Paris are the perfect romantic destinations with their stunning parks, river cruises and wonderful atmosphere. Sadly, they are not perfect for school and university students who want to get away on a budget.

Travel, hotels and activities all cost money, meaning staying closer to home for a Valentine’s Day trip is the perfect option for a budget romantic getaway.

City breaks are always a delightful option. London, York, Bath, and Cambridge – these are just a few cities in the UK that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. London, whilst expensive to visit and stay in, is abundant with romantic restaurants and hotels. You can take a river cruise, walk along the banks of the Thames and stroll through Hyde Park. With just a little research, you would be set for a truly romantic time.

How about a historical city small, with old cobbled streets and quaint little tea rooms. York is the perfect destination for this. Take afternoon tea at Betty’s Tearooms or a walk along the old city walls. York is a place for exploring and why not do this on Valentine’s Day?

And it isn’t necessary to only explore cities, nature is just as fun! The Cotswolds, the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands make wonderfully romantic destinations for those among you who like a walk in nature. These places are abundant with cute little cafés and tea rooms, delightful hotels and beautiful walks allowing you to admire the countryside. Mountain walks, lake walks, and night-time strolls through little country towns creates a different sort of romantic atmosphere to a city getaway. An atmosphere which could feel a lot more personal.

As students in Norwich, there are numerous places to visit for Valentine’s Day. Train travel is easy and relatively cheap. A day trip to Cromer, Great Yarmouth, or Cambridge is affordable and a relaxing day away from a stressful environment. A short drive away from Norwich is Castle Rising, or Wells-Next-The-Sea. Both are small, delightful places. Castle Rising is abundant with history, nature and cafés. Wells-Next-The-Sea has a wonderful sea breeze, charming English seaside town streets, and a beach loved by dog walkers (heaven!). They both have a wonderful atmosphere and are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Most places can be ideal for a romantic getaway. An overnight trip to a city or the countryside or day trips to nearby cities and sites are both great options. Although Valentine’s Day is a perfect excuse to get away and go somewhere, trips to these places can happen at any time of the year. You don’t need to visit them as a couple either; personally I have visited Cromer, Castle Rising and many others with my family and friends. Locations shouldn’t be associated with a specific time of year, in fact prices are more likely to rise because of the holiday. Whilst getting away for a day is nice, don’t subject yourself to it once every blue moon – treat yourself more often!

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