What happens in Vegas … goes in Concrete

Visiting Las Vegas is a dream that many people hold. When your mum says that she is getting married there a few months after you turn 21, there isn’t a better time to visit.

Cemented in my mind as the place where madness occurs, I had visions of The Hangover and believed, due to my usual luck, that I would end up being the unfortunate character left to slowly roast on the roof. With this in mind, I packed my bottle of water, factor 40 sun cream and a few other survival essentials, and boarded a plane to Vegas.

We drove for six hours through the desert, seeing nothing but dust and sand until a mixture of crazily shaped mega structures appeared on the horizon.  What most people do not understand is the sheer size of the hotel resorts along the famous Las Vegas Strip. Our hotel, the famous Luxor, had a giant sphinx as the front door and we stayed in our very own Egyptian pyramid.

Walking down the Strip, past the outlandish hotels, we saw the iconic Bellagio, its fountains spurting jets of water into the sky every hour in front of hundreds of gawping visitors. We entered The Venetian Hotel and were intrigued to see a man on a gondola serenading a couple while rowing down a river. Surreal as that was, what is more bemusing is that the river which flows through the hotel is located on the second floor.

Continuing along the Strip, we walked for more than ten miles but, exhausted and wanting to turn back, we discovered that we had only traipsed along a third of the Strip’s length. The sheer immensity of this city is just staggering. Simply walking past the entrances to the many hotels shows you why people flood to this city in their droves.

There are so many different things happening all around you, from a bar which is completely made of ice and is constantly at -5 degrees, to watching people throw themselves off the 1,149 ft high Stratosphere Casino Tower.

In Vegas, impossible is two letters too long. Anything goes in this city, including all of your money if you get sucked in by the bright lights of the casinos. However, just by walking through the city, you’ll be overawed by the wealth and wackiness of this wonderful mini-world. Just don’t blow all your student loan at once.


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January 2022
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