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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Edna O’Brien at UEA’s Literary Festival

A full house heard Edna O'Brien speak about her recently published memoir, previous work and the creative benefits of LSD.

Ian McEwan at UEA’s Literature Festival

As part of the build up to UEA’s 50th anniversary next year, Ian McEwan has recently been made a “Jubilee Professor” of the university.

The Unthank Books Literary Festival – preview

The Unthank Unlit Festival has been described as “an evening of music that loops around time, place and literature, creating a Venn diagram of oddness and beauty."

Review: The Taming of The Shrew

Shakespeare with bunting, sunglasses, mods and rockers. Gwen Hanauer does things differently.

Arts history: The life and works of Phillip Pullman

Concrete want to wish Phillip Pullman (author of the best-selling children’s series, His Dark Materials.) a very happy 66th birthday.

Interview: A.D. Miller

"Take criticism. Take risks. Keep going: as much as talent, writing books is a matter of stamina and morale."