Arts / 05/05/2022 Review: Wasp at UEA’s Drama Studio

Wasp, at UEA’s drama studio, creates an atmosphere of poignancy even as you walk in the room.  The play is staged in the round, with the audience seated looking onto the little wooden stool that forms the extent of the set for the whole piece. As we come in, we are introduced to two of...

Arts, Venue / 03/05/2022 OUTPOST: Norwich’s Imminent Loss

OUTPOST has been a vibrant hub for the arts community in Norwich since 2010. An artist-run charity committed to promoting contemporary art, the OUTPOST gallery facilitates a programme of five exhibitions a year, in addition to managing offsite projects and events and running two artistic programmes.  The OUTPOST Core Programme is designed to support emerging...

Arts, Venue / 03/05/2022 Shrapnel

Shrapnel (@shrapnel.norwich) is an art dispensing machine based in Norwich, made from a repurposed carnival sweet machine, allowing local artists to sell their art for just £1. With few limitations on the art in the machine, other than size, the machine allows a wide range of creatives to advertise their art to the public. The...

Arts / 25/04/2022 Meet Norwich’s new art collective, Euphrasie

You may have heard a buzz surrounding a new arts collective here in Norwich. Comprised of seven core members, Euphrasie popped up on the local scene just a few months ago. Now, the group are getting ready for their first live event on the 30th April. I sat down with four members of the group...

Arts / 07/04/2022 The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe: A Magical Evacuation to a Spectacular Piece of Theatre

The beloved story of C.S Lewis’ The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe has come alive on the stage, and I had the pleasure of seeing it on its opening night at Norwich’s Theatre Royal on the 5th of April. If you don’t know the story, it focuses on the four Pevensie children, Peter, Susan,...

Arts / 22/03/2022 Is postmodernity dead?

Postmodernity has to be one of the single most misunderstood, confusing, and widely thrown around words of the 21st century. Anyone who does a humanities degree will give you the stock answer quotation from Lyotard that postmodernism is an ‘incredulity towards metanarrtives’. Whatever that means… Anyway, postmodernism has become its own metanarrative, and the art...



Review: Animal Farm at Norwich Theatre

A touring production of Animal Farm, (Children’s Theatre Partnership in association with Birmingham Rep) is performing at Norwich Theatre Royal until March 12th, and it is not to be missed. The script is masterfully adapted from George Orwell’s book by Robert Icke, and performed by a cast of expert puppeteers. Before the play even begins,…


Guerrilla Girls: The art of feminism, and the feminism of art

So, you get the gist, here’s the list of ‘-ists’ inspiring ‘The Guerrilla Girls’. Their feminist, anti-racist, artist and activist, anonymous protests are highlighting the injustices pervading the art world. Employing disruptive headlines, sparking outrage, and exposing bias and corruption, metaphorically likened to ‘guerrilla’ tactics has led to their dubbing as ‘The Guerrilla Girls.’ With…


Brutalism at UEA

It might not be everyone’s cup of architectural tea, but when Denys Lasdun designed the University of East Anglia’s campus in the 1960s, he certainly had a vision. UEA, much like the National Theatre (also Lasdun’s work) is a work of brutalism, an iconic concrete landscape that contrasts brilliantly with the peaceful greenery of the…


Concrete’s approach to the arts: a reflection

When I was scrolling through old issues of Concrete for this anniversary issue, I couldn’t help but be in awe of how much Concrete has evolved. In particular, as the editor of Venue, I was naturally struck by the evolution of the arts and how past teams of UEA’s finest journalists approached reviewing, sharing and…


Sophio Medoize at Outpost

It’s not often you see something like Sophio Medoize’s Artificial Sleep (Her her her her her her her HER). The short film Let us flow!. Accompanied by sculptural work, Let us flow! premiered at Outpost on the 27 January, shaking off any last semblance of new year inertia I had by reminding me of the…


Our Concept of Space Over Lockdown: Choreographing DMTS’s Spring Awakening

When the world shut down nearly two years ago, everyone’s lives became a little bit more compact, and everyone panicked. The COVID-19 pandemic happened–and everyone’s eating, sleeping, working, and socializing condensed down to our own bedrooms. For many, the first months of lockdown were maybe a sudden but perspective-inducing slow-down, and then progressively going stir-crazy….

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