Arts / 21/11/2021 Groan Ups: A playful look on growing up that isn’t a gripe to watch

This was my first outing to Norwich Theatre Royal. As a theatre kid, I’m ashamed, but I couldn’t have picked a better show to see! Groan Ups is the genius idea behind the creative team Mischief, of such comedy hits such as The Play that Goes Wrong and The Comedy about A Bank Robbery, so...

Arts / 16/11/2021 Fishnets, Feathers and Frank’N’Furter: A Rocky Horror Experience

On Bonfire Night, I went to see The Rocky Horror Show for the first time in my life, and let me tell you, it was a firecracker of a show. Going to see Rocky Horror is basically a rite of passage for any theatre geek, particularly the queer ones, and I can’t believe it has...

Arts / 16/11/2021 How theatre is helping create conversation about mental health: An interview with playwright Mark Daniels on his new play Coronavirus-A Great British farce.

After being met with such incredible audience reactions and reviews, playwright Mark Daniels’ show Coronavirus – A Great British Farce, based on his own diaries from lockdown, is coming to The Garage in Norwich on the 18th November. Could you start off by telling me about the play itself? So, it’s a comedy, it’s surreal,...

Arts / 16/11/2021 The best Norwich art galleries to visit this winter

Norwich has an abundant array of galleries for you to explore this winter. Whether you’re an old master’s enthusiast or more of a modern art lover, there’s something for everyone. Not sure where to start? Below are just a few recommendations to keep you busy on your days off over the next few months. Of...

Arts / 26/10/2021 Nothing Happens in a Petrol Station

On opening night, I huddled into UEA’s Drama Studio for Minatour’s first show of their season. I was also particularly excited as it was my first piece of live theatre I had seen since the pandemic. The play entitled Nothing happens in a Petrol Station performed for three nights at UEA’s Drama Studio. It was...

Arts / 26/10/2021 Outpost presents: ‘Uninhabited’- Eleanor Rodwell

Lockdown changed the concept of home radically for everybody. In some ways it might never be the same. The relationships between our bodies, our lives, and each other were all shifted into another paradigm. Amid these changes, Norwich-based artist Eleanor Rodwell was working on her recent project Uninhabited which featured in residence at Outpost Studios...



Banksy in Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth: home of golden sands, the famous Pleasure Beach, the Time and Tide Museum. Oh, and now multiple works of art by the world-famous artist Banksy. That’s right, Banksy has been hard at work just down the road, and it’s not just Great Yarmouth – Cromer, Lowestoft, Gorleston and Oulton Broad were also places…

Arts, Climate Change

“It’s moved from a problem for the next generation to a problem for right now and we’re not ready for it”: UEA Professor and playwright Steve Waters reflects on his work on climate change

Steve Waters’ ‘The Secret Life of Plays’ became a staple of my bedside table reading stack before coming to university. Renowned as “the place where literature lives”, UEA has seen the birth of countless award-winning works of fiction, poetry, and drama, with a collection of critically acclaimed professors to match. Described as “one of the…


Digital artwork and NFTs

You may have heard a lot of talk about non-fungible tokens, or ‘NFTs’, if you’ve been paying attention to any talk in the art world lately. It feels to many as if this term has sprung out of nowhere and is quickly taking over. However, if you have so far managed to avoid the hype…


The art of observation for a hyper-digital generation

Attention is a commodity for all providers of service. Where restaurants rely on customers buying their food, and where musicians rely on listeners buying albums, tickets to gigs, and subscriptions to music streaming sites, social media providers rely on consumers giving their attention to their platforms to generate custom. Unlike other services, immediate attention is…

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