Arts / 21/11/2021 Groan Ups: A playful look on growing up that isn’t a gripe to watch

This was my first outing to Norwich Theatre Royal. As a theatre kid, I’m ashamed, but I couldn’t have picked a better show to see! Groan Ups is the genius idea behind the creative team Mischief, of such comedy hits such as The Play that Goes Wrong and The Comedy about A Bank Robbery, so...

Arts / 16/11/2021 Fishnets, Feathers and Frank’N’Furter: A Rocky Horror Experience

On Bonfire Night, I went to see The Rocky Horror Show for the first time in my life, and let me tell you, it was a firecracker of a show. Going to see Rocky Horror is basically a rite of passage for any theatre geek, particularly the queer ones, and I can’t believe it has...

Arts / 16/11/2021 How theatre is helping create conversation about mental health: An interview with playwright Mark Daniels on his new play Coronavirus-A Great British farce.

After being met with such incredible audience reactions and reviews, playwright Mark Daniels’ show Coronavirus – A Great British Farce, based on his own diaries from lockdown, is coming to The Garage in Norwich on the 18th November. Could you start off by telling me about the play itself? So, it’s a comedy, it’s surreal,...

Arts / 16/11/2021 The best Norwich art galleries to visit this winter

Norwich has an abundant array of galleries for you to explore this winter. Whether you’re an old master’s enthusiast or more of a modern art lover, there’s something for everyone. Not sure where to start? Below are just a few recommendations to keep you busy on your days off over the next few months. Of...

Arts / 26/10/2021 Nothing Happens in a Petrol Station

On opening night, I huddled into UEA’s Drama Studio for Minatour’s first show of their season. I was also particularly excited as it was my first piece of live theatre I had seen since the pandemic. The play entitled Nothing happens in a Petrol Station performed for three nights at UEA’s Drama Studio. It was...

Arts / 26/10/2021 Outpost presents: ‘Uninhabited’- Eleanor Rodwell

Lockdown changed the concept of home radically for everybody. In some ways it might never be the same. The relationships between our bodies, our lives, and each other were all shifted into another paradigm. Amid these changes, Norwich-based artist Eleanor Rodwell was working on her recent project Uninhabited which featured in residence at Outpost Studios...



Spring wakes up to Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening is an emotional rollercoaster. In early December, The University of East Anglia’s Drama and Musical Theatre Society made the decision to put on its own version of the Tony Award Winning Musical. It was rehearsed entirely on Zoom. It was recorded independently. It was filmed. In other words, this show was unlike anything…


“I am every book, podcast, movie, graphic novel I have ever loved”: Interview with Norfolk artist, Hat Leith

Hat Leith, a Norfolk based artist, specialises in creating fantasy-based pieces, inspired by their interests in mythology, folklore, and fandom. Their art is introspective and vibrant, often hitting the right degree of poignancy in its depiction of its subjects. When asked what sparked their interest in these subjects, they said, “I think I’ve always felt…


“There are no rules”: Local zine creators on craft culture in a digital world

Historically, zines were a potent form of craft culture and a resistance to superfluous materialism. The blurring of what constitutes a zine has been an issue since digital platforms offered efficiency and reach. Although, many creators still stick passionately to corporeality. I spoke to some local zine-creators to ask their thoughts. Minty, UEA graduate and…


Oedipus: This artwork makes me feel empowered

(This article contains spoilers for Oedipus: After Sophocles by Robert Icke) In August 2019, I headed up to Edinburgh for my very first Fringe festival. I spent many hours flyering in the unpredictable Scottish weather, and saw a multitude of gigs, plays and immersive experiences (and Drunk Shakespeare, naturally), all of which will stick with…

Arts, Breaking News, Climate Change

What can Ancient rainforest rock art tell us about climate change?

Archaeologists have discovered tens of thousands of paintings of animals and humans in the Amazonian rainforest. The discovery was made by a British-Colombian team, funded by the European Research Council and led by Francisco Javier Aceituno of the Universidad de Antioquia, Gaspar Morcote-Rios of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and José Iriarte, professor of archaeology…


Interview with Youtube’s u m a m i

Justin Tomchuk, AKA u m a m i, is one of YouTube’s rising stars. At 252K subscribers and counting, he makes moody, surreal animations that draw on everything from classic advertisements, fine art and sci-fi to Thomas the Tank Engine and Campbell’s Cream of Chicken Soup. He does the bulk of the art and animation…


Galleries in lockdown: visiting virtual exhibits

Coronavirus has certainly had a devastating impact on the art scenes worldwide, with galleries having to close their doors for months at a time. The world has had to quickly adapt, and one way that art can still be communicated is virtually. Many museums worldwide have online galleries which are free to view. They enable…

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