Books, UEA Live / 23/05/2022 Men, Masculinity and Memories: Raven Smith at UEA Live

UEA Live concluded in an epic way with the hilarious Raven Smith. As soon as he sat down at the front of the lecture theatre, he was cracking jokes and making the audience feel like we were part of the conversation. In talk with Dr Sarah Godfrey, Smith dived into his latest book, Raven Smith’s...

Books, UEA Live / 09/05/2022 Shon Faye on her ‘Trojan Horse’ book at UEA Live

Walking in to a thunderous round of applause, Shon Faye takes her seat at the front of the lecture theatre. Lawyer turned writer and campaigner, with podcast Call Me Mother, Faye’s works have reached mass audiences. Her first book, The Transgender Issue, is a liberating piece analysing the trans experience in the UK. As a...

Books / 03/05/2022 Tear-stained Pages: Books That Make Me Cry

Anyone who knows me in real life will know that crying is a big part of my day-to-day life, though much of it doesn’t come from real life situations. Instead, my imagination pulls out worst case scenarios and makes problems out of thin air. I think this is why I tend to cry more at...

Books / 03/05/2022 Beyond the Binary: Transgender and Non-Binary Representation in Literature

Avid readers who engage in online communities such as BookTok know that these spaces are saturated with ‘queer’ recommendations which only exist to fulfil a social quota: Call Me by Your Name (vastly problematic) and Red, White and Royal Blue (yet another mlm romance) are only two examples. It’s beyond time to focus on a...

Books / 03/05/2022 Ashley Hickson-Lovence: “I’m always thinking about my next big project, a bit like Uriah.” 

Ashley Hickson-Lovence arrives for coffee; he orders a latte, and I order a cappuccino. As the coffee machine grinds, he removes his tinted sunglasses, “I can’t see anything in these,” he jokes, opting for his reading glasses. “That’s better.” Ashley says no question is off-limits. “I’ll answer absolutely anything. I’m an open book.” We begin...

Books / 03/05/2022 Shakespeare’s Impact: Fantastical Adaptations Across the Years

Shakespeare is known throughout the ages and across every continent. His plays are performed across countless theatres and are studied in countless schools. They’ve made a huge literary impact, so much so that adaptations are constantly being made.  Teen film classics like 10 Things I Hate About You (The Taming of the Shrew) and She’s...



Jurassic Park Review

The name Jurassic Park brings to mind animatronic dinosaurs and chase scenes through deserted theme parks. Today few people, myself included, know there was a book before the film. Written by sci-fi author Michal Crichton in 1990, this book explores the dangers of taking science too far. The novel opens with a series of mysterious…


Anticipated Reads of 2022

2022 has already seen new releases receiving widespread praise, including Yanagihara’s novel To Paradise, which explores an alternative end to America’s Civil War. There are many more exciting reads lined up, here are a couple to look forward to. V.E Schwab’s upcoming YA fantasy, Gallant, released in March, follows Olivia Prior who moves into a…


Lights, Planets, People! – A Graphic Novel About Mental Health

In September, UEA’s Molly Naylor published her graphic novel Lights, Planets, People with artwork from Lizzy Stewart. The graphic novel features Maggie Hill, an astronomer preparing to deliver a lecture to women in STEM, whilst facing her first-ever therapy session.  Throughout the novel, we see Hill’s struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, and bipolar disorder, all whilst building up the nerve to conduct…


UEA Spring 2022 Line-up

After the Autumn success of UEA Live, the Spring line-up has just been announced! This term we had some stellar speakers, from Bimini Bon Boulash to Ed Miliband, and the Spring event looks just as exciting. Every Wednesday across March and May, with a date in April, guest speakers will be coming to the UEA…


This One Sky Day: UEA Live with Leone Ross

At the beginning of November, I had the pleasure of seeing Leone Ross discuss her latest novel at UEA Live. This One Sky Day was fifteen years in the making, and listening to Ross speak, you can see why. The book is set in the fictional archipelago Popisho, a magical place inspired by the Caribbean….


Christmas Shopping – Bookshop Edition

As the holiday season grows closer, many people are starting to worry about buying the perfect gift for their loved ones. Well, you can’t go wrong with a good book, and for that Norwich is the perfect place to be. From hidden gems to the more mainstream, here are the best places to shop for…

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