Books / 04/05/2021 How do I get my creative writing out into the world?

Say you love writing, and have a growing collection of fab pieces — how do you start sharing this work and getting it out into the world? University can be a great piece to inspire creativity, and teach you some important tips in harnessing your writing practice, but it doesn’t really prepare you to put...

Books / 04/05/2021 Readers are the writers of their reading experience

I once read a domestic boiler user manual and resonated with the feeling of bursting under pressure. Reading about cooling pipes sent chills flooding through my veins. External steam rising from an internal stream. This theoretical boiler was more real to me than many characters I have read since. Readers generally try to relate to...

Books / 04/05/2021 UEA’s Undergraduate Creative Writing Anthology launching virtually on June 25th

The Egg Box Publishing Society, the UEA Publishing Project’s student-led imprint, is holding an online launch event for 2021’s Undergraduate anthology entitled Under & Over. The anthology contains work solely by UEA Undergraduate students who have studied a Creative Writing module during the current academic year. In the anthology’s introduction, Egg Box president Emma Seager...

Books / 04/05/2021 The joys of the book-buying hunt

On April 13th, for the first time in five months, I walked into a second-hand book store (JK and RK Ellis, if you’re interested) and scanned several shelves, not really sure what I was looking for. Eventually I ended up with a copy of Juvenal’s ‘Satires’. No idea why, I had no plan reading it,...

Books / 04/05/2021 Books that would make great adaptations

‘A Thousand Ships’ by Natalie Haynes  I recently read Natalie Haynes’ A Thousand Ships, a retelling of the events of the Trojan War from the perspectives of the women involved, and I think it would make an amazing movie, or even better, a limited series. While there are hundreds of plays, movies and TV shows...

Books / 03/05/2021 Interview with Ali Smith: “puns and wordplay are ceremonious”

Let's force the locks of life, boldly, cunningly, As befits our youth. No lies or half-lies for us. We want Nothing but the truth. This was the poem Ali Smith left our interview on. As thoroughly as I searched, I could not find it anywhere online. Although Ali attributed it to Yevgeny Yevtushenko, a Russian...



Should we mourn GCSE poetry?

Ofqual’s decision to make GCSE poetry optional in 2021 has sparked mixed opinions, with  the current Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage, and other writers deeming it “a dangerous first step” in undermining the importance of the arts. Ofqual’s justification for their decision is that it will prevent students having to study complicated poems remotely. However, at…

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Do awards really matter?

Whether a book has won an award or not has never determined whether I’ll buy or read it, and many of the stories I love the most cannot boast an award. It’s also worth noting that, like awards for film and TV, Black authors, particularly Black women, have significantly less recognition for their work. It…

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Diversity in children’s literature

Children’s literature is full of freedom. It explores worlds of fantasy, magic, loss, joy, and absolutely everything in between. Young minds are so creative, and so eager to learn; children are crucially influenced by what they read and are affected by this as they grow up and form opinions about the world around them. So,…

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UEA Literary Festival returns this autumn with a virtual twist

UEA’s bi-annual Literary Festival has just announced its return for Autumn 2020 through an apt renaming to UEA Live. To combat the issues presented by social distancing, UEA will be hosting a plethora of fascinating author discussions over livestream. Similarly, this year marks the 50th anniversary of Creative Writing at UEA with CW50, something that…

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