Creative Writing / 03/05/2022 A Memorable Weekend

Blue skies and blue waters. That is what I remember about the first weekend when we went our separate ways again. The distinction between the sky and the sea was impossible to spot, yet I know the line between them existed. Occasionally it made itself seen from the break of waters, other times it was...

Creative Writing / 03/05/2022 The Beginning

I become aware of my surroundings like a diver rising from the depths. Slowly, and then all at once. Light floods my vision, and for a moment, I’m completely overwhelmed. Incrementally, my eyes adjust to my surroundings, and I become aware that I am standing in a vast, vaulted chamber, everything around me white, pearl...

Creative Writing / 03/05/2022 Mistake

The thing is, you were an accident. A mistake. A problem to be solved. We just didn’t get there in time. I didn’t get there in time. I had always been irregular, so I didn’t think much of it. I should have. I really, really, should have. I should have kept track. I mean, they...

Creative Writing, Venue / 22/03/2022 Don’t Fall

Look at them. All just walking around. Getting on with their lives. I bet they don’t know what it’s like. I mean, some of them, maybe, but it can’t be this bad. If it was this bad, they wouldn’t be down there, walking around, getting on with their lives. If it was this bad, they...

Creative Writing, Venue / 22/03/2022 Something Worth Sticking To

Between a parent and a child, the common denominator is love. But is love a skill we have naturally? Do our parents instinctively know how to love us? Or were they taught? I think the answer is both. Love is a natural phenomenon. Every person is capable of loving something or someone. But just because...

Creative Writing, Venue / 22/03/2022 Why You Should Always Listen To Your Partner In The Morning

I dreamt that I saw the end of the world. There wasn’t a particular moment, I knew the world was ending. Dumb and asking myself how scared I am. Not out of lucidity, in a fastest-way-out-for-fear-of-painful-death kind of way. Then I’m in a bunker, and I have a really nice car with white leather seats...

Creative Writing

Creative Writing


Darkness, warmth, then glittering cold and harsh lights. The sounds of a world unmuffled by water and flesh. A sharp hand descends on your buttock and you choke on fluid and air and the first piercing scream of your tiny life. Gently cradling hands and harsh latex gloves deliver you into the world, out of…

Creative Writing


There is a statue in the square with my face stitched onto it in stone. It is uncanny granite, and I stare at it a long while, face to face with me, eyebrows raised so they are higher on flesh than they are on stone. I smile at myself.  There is a statue. In the…

Creative Writing


This is what she had always wanted in life: a nice house which had a white picket fence on the perimeter, a labrador named Jasper, and, of course, her dream man.    It was all Anna had wanted since the age of seven, when her teacher had made everyone in her primary school class write about…

Creative Writing


When you think about it, pretending is a natural human instinct. Everybody pretends on a regular basis. It can be seen as lying, but there’s a distinct difference. Now, I’m not quite sure what that difference is, but it’s there. You might pretend you like someone’s food so you don’t upset them or come across…

Creative Writing


I look at the photo of us on my bedside cabinet, and wonder how long you’ve been gone, blame myself over and over and over again. Why me? Why you? What have I done to deserve this? Crying myself to sleep has become something of a nightly occurrence. The quietness of my bedroom sparks unpleasant…

Creative Writing

She was hurt

She was hurt. Worn out. So tired of the voice that consumed her, Dictated how she moved, What she ate And her relationships the voice that told her she wasn’t good enough and could never compare when she stepped on the scale got the tape measure out. She was embarrassed. Ashamed. Because she believed those…

Creative Writing

The Lingering Scent

The lingering scent of floral perfume And sultry spiced apple diffusers Telling of the autumn breeze Angelic chorus rustles in the bronzed leaves. the blankets out feeling the grooves of stitches and the mellow wool needing my skin whispers from the floorboards under my feet. the made bed, the uncluttered floor, brings me peace –…

Creative Writing

What A Wonderful Winter World

Even before you open your eyes, you know it’s brighter than usual. That something has happened overnight. Something magical. Your eyes flutter open, darting towards your bedroom window, where a sliver of light peeks through. A small smile flashes onto your face as you sit up, noticing the cold, crisp air for the first time….

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