Creative Writing / 03/05/2022 A Memorable Weekend

Blue skies and blue waters. That is what I remember about the first weekend when we went our separate ways again. The distinction between the sky and the sea was impossible to spot, yet I know the line between them existed. Occasionally it made itself seen from the break of waters, other times it was...

Creative Writing / 03/05/2022 The Beginning

I become aware of my surroundings like a diver rising from the depths. Slowly, and then all at once. Light floods my vision, and for a moment, I’m completely overwhelmed. Incrementally, my eyes adjust to my surroundings, and I become aware that I am standing in a vast, vaulted chamber, everything around me white, pearl...

Creative Writing / 03/05/2022 Mistake

The thing is, you were an accident. A mistake. A problem to be solved. We just didn’t get there in time. I didn’t get there in time. I had always been irregular, so I didn’t think much of it. I should have. I really, really, should have. I should have kept track. I mean, they...

Creative Writing, Venue / 22/03/2022 Don’t Fall

Look at them. All just walking around. Getting on with their lives. I bet they don’t know what it’s like. I mean, some of them, maybe, but it can’t be this bad. If it was this bad, they wouldn’t be down there, walking around, getting on with their lives. If it was this bad, they...

Creative Writing, Venue / 22/03/2022 Something Worth Sticking To

Between a parent and a child, the common denominator is love. But is love a skill we have naturally? Do our parents instinctively know how to love us? Or were they taught? I think the answer is both. Love is a natural phenomenon. Every person is capable of loving something or someone. But just because...

Creative Writing, Venue / 22/03/2022 Why You Should Always Listen To Your Partner In The Morning

I dreamt that I saw the end of the world. There wasn’t a particular moment, I knew the world was ending. Dumb and asking myself how scared I am. Not out of lucidity, in a fastest-way-out-for-fear-of-painful-death kind of way. Then I’m in a bunker, and I have a really nice car with white leather seats...

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

An Ordinary Man, and Extraordinary Day

Mr Jones liked to think that ordinary was better. If youíre ordinary, you’re neither noteworthy for being smart, nor noteworthy for being dumb; neither talented nor useless. If you’re altogether B grade, do a bit of everything relatively well, then you slide right past othersí peripheral visions. He took pride in the fact he was…

Creative Writing

A Divorce from Tradition

2012. Christmas with Mum. You’ve been told to act normal, so you’re singing while you bring the coal but now you’re singing solo. There’s still just as much food, just as much drink, but no matter how full you stock the cupboards, something in the kitchen is missing. The tree is up, the lights are…

Creative Writing

A Wife of Bluebeard

You tell yourself you loveThe prince who dashes inWho storms the castleAnd slays the dragonAnd takes away a part of you in doing so.You tell yourself you’ll learn to love BluebeardIf it means you can avoid the chopping block. You insist you like the inferno,The desire is the fire and it burns beautifullyBut it leaves…

Creative Writing

Who Needs a Prince?

I am not your typical fairy tale figure. My name is Princess Helena, but most people call me Princess Charming. I think they’re trying to be funny because no-one would ever refer to me seriously as ‘charming’. I’m no dignified princess, I’d rather be riding my horse at full speed through the forest than sitting…

Creative Writing

La Diablesse: monster of men

“Who don’t hear does feel,” a phrase drilled into Nita all her life. First as a stark warning by her parents, whose household rules she’d discarded in favour of rebellion, of putting distance between the versions of herself she wanted to be, and was expected to be. Again by her teachers, who expressed a never-ending…

Creative Writing

Memory Loss

My name is Lucy Greenland. I’m 56 years old. I have three sisters, and a brother. I had a brown Labrador called Billy. My parents were teachers. I broke my arm once whilst riding my bike. I had a red cast on for eight weeks. My favourite colour is orange. I wanted to be a…

Creative Writing


before I realise that I am dreaming Falling i am walking to the tower, (the same I walk round every day to watch the waves come home), and all is as it should be except it’s quieter, grayer and My limbs pinned to my sides so I cannot even writhe, worm-like in the quieter gray…

Creative Writing

The Mirror

As I study the face I see before me,Old but with wisdom in those lines,The wrinkles tell a story of who they were,When they laughed, and when they cried. I look at the woman quietly sitting there,Her hair so short, fragile, and grey,Quite a contrast to the fiery red locks I had,That I walked proudly…

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