Creative Writing / 13/04/2021 Methods of Running in the Race to the Grave

I hear them now as I heard them before, Like winter’s raindrops, whistling past my ears These hymns pour through my spirit And they fall, through dense, damp air Brittle and bitter, once again, once more, Their flavour, warm and strange, Like cinnamon upon my tongue I was young When I heard them first, Every...

Creative Writing / 13/04/2021 A Safe Space

Therapy always began with a silence, the kind of dreadful silence that was desperate to speak. They asked him how he felt. He panicked. He always panicked when they asked him anything to do with feelings. The corners of his lips curled towards the broken fan above, the fan that turned slowly in the occasional...

Creative Writing / 23/03/2021 Beneath Silence

Silence is the cruelest weapon  You teach her to swallow back tears  Master the art of snide and contempt  Fight fire with fire, burn for burn.  Tell me, how long will it take to unlearn  All the hate she festers within, all the hurt?  With luck, she’ll dance atop broken glass  Scald the coffin; bury...

Creative Writing / 23/03/2021 Song

Come to this spectacle of pleasure And hear the circus shrieks, Its all pretend Because what you think means more to me Than all the satiny satisfaction of caresses and deep pleasure You never ask and i never say Although I am the reddest fiercest colour In a light leeched day A voice calling ripples...

Creative Writing / 23/03/2021 A Month in the Country

Tuesday 24th March They announced it last night. We have to shut ourselves into our own homes and not see anybody. I can go for a walk for an hour a day, I can go to buy food, I can go to the Doctor’s. Shops and schools are closed, buses and trains are cancelled. I...

Creative Writing / 23/03/2021 Sweetness

who knows what the future brings? Maybe i’ll buy a plant, maybe i’ll pack it all in Memories, like drawings in steamed up glass Linger And I wonder if my hopes for us Will one day also be ghosts Images drawn in water Fading You walked up to me with gold and flowers in your...

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

“Home in the North”

Content Warning- homophobia, violence, domestic abuse, strong language FADE IN: EXT. A RESIDENTIAL STREET IN MANCHESTER – LATE AFTERNOON Jack is walking down the street wearing his scruffy school uniform with a navy backpack hanging off one shoulder. He is paying no attention to where he is walking – he doesn’t need to; he walks…

Creative Writing


Content Warning- strong language, violence, mild sexual themes The lights come up on a bathroom. Maddie and Alex are sat in the bath opposite each other, Dan is sat on the toilet (but not using it) and Anna is pacing around the small amount of floor space, occasionally re-arranging the floor mat – each time…

Creative Writing

My Brew Today

If all myself and every side could brew like coffee in a cup on a dry dreary death bent silent room then mine brews over there where spillages show teardrops of Monday, fading yet true.  The wind, a choice, glides in strides of striking size where smoke and steam are friends, a sight where smells…

Creative Writing

The Final Twist

arriving soon. It bends before,  narrows near ends, dreams  suspend from rooftops where  sparrows gleam as nature’s friends.  there, it broods, alludes to  dreams where paths are drawn  as alleyways, arrow straight and stiff  as arms that flail. Exhale. feel air  where lanes bend and narrow near ends,  the time to make amends. 

Creative Writing

Tell Your Therapist This

so it’s that time again:  weeknight kale in   wok pan,  low level heat,   the norm.  playlist shuffles.  plays unknown  artist, this  gorgeous  rendition in corner                                         of each iris.  paints picture  of storm          from a  palette                 inviting sensations,  creating palpitations  in heart  overloading.  it’s a brush- stroke on my  chin hairs,  where they once stood.  I…

Creative Writing, Venue

How to Disappear

Content Warnings: Eating disorder and self harm  ‘You’re not going until you’ve finished.’ Mum watched and Poppy pretended to chew on the pasta that was slowly congealing on the plate in front of her. ‘Have you got your snack for later?’   ‘You should know; you packed it.’ Poppy wanted to scream but managed to…

Creative Writing, Venue

Our Tree

Content Warning- very mild gore, mentions of terminal illness FADE IN: EXT. SOUP TREE HILL – EARLY EVENING  Millie and Adam stand at the top of a long, rolling hill with a lone tree in the middle, which has grown into two large trunks and an excess of bulging roots. The middle of the two…

Creative Writing, Venue


Pray you never live your life confined to an existence in the dank holes and dingy burrows of the backlands of West Ireland. It’s a dismal life. The rations are bad, the dirt is poor, and our litters are often pneumonic, from birth to death by one. We live close and cramped, but there’s no…

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