Creative Writing / 07/12/2021 Pretending

When you think about it, pretending is a natural human instinct. Everybody pretends on a regular basis. It can be seen as lying, but there’s a distinct difference. Now, I’m not quite sure what that difference is, but it’s there. You might pretend you like someone’s food so you don’t upset them or come across...

Creative Writing / 07/12/2021 Remembering

I look at the photo of us on my bedside cabinet, and wonder how long you’ve been gone, blame myself over and over and over again. Why me? Why you? What have I done to deserve this? Crying myself to sleep has become something of a nightly occurrence. The quietness of my bedroom sparks unpleasant...

Creative Writing / 07/12/2021 She was hurt

She was hurt. Worn out. So tired of the voice that consumed her, Dictated how she moved, What she ate And her relationships the voice that told her she wasn’t good enough and could never compare when she stepped on the scale got the tape measure out. She was embarrassed. Ashamed. Because she believed those...

Creative Writing / 07/12/2021 The Lingering Scent

The lingering scent of floral perfume And sultry spiced apple diffusers Telling of the autumn breeze Angelic chorus rustles in the bronzed leaves. the blankets out feeling the grooves of stitches and the mellow wool needing my skin whispers from the floorboards under my feet. the made bed, the uncluttered floor, brings me peace –...

Creative Writing / 16/11/2021 What A Wonderful Winter World

Even before you open your eyes, you know it’s brighter than usual. That something has happened overnight. Something magical. Your eyes flutter open, darting towards your bedroom window, where a sliver of light peeks through. A small smile flashes onto your face as you sit up, noticing the cold, crisp air for the first time....

Creative Writing / 16/11/2021 An Ordinary Man, and Extraordinary Day

Mr Jones liked to think that ordinary was better. If youíre ordinary, you’re neither noteworthy for being smart, nor noteworthy for being dumb; neither talented nor useless. If you’re altogether B grade, do a bit of everything relatively well, then you slide right past othersí peripheral visions. He took pride in the fact he was...

Creative Writing

Creative Writing


I’ve been gathering books on my shelf like shells. Like oddly shaped stones against tarmac and shards of glass that glitter in street lights at night, when I’m tipsy on wine and pretty girls, and the yellow glow makes them look like fairy dust, treasure that I scatter around my room like wishes. I’ve been…

Creative Writing

Hoping for the best but…

When I was little my birthday was my absolute favourite day of the whole year. I looked forward to it, loved everything about it. I loved opening presents, I loved choosing the flavour of the cake (chocolate), and I loved the special sense of attention that came with being the birthday girl. A day that…

Creative Writing, Venue

My Library

The Library is situated on the landing. It took six men to get it into position on September 13th last year. My uncle had bought the phone box for me at an auction, thinking I’d like it for the yard, but it was too handsome to leave outside, and I’d always wanted my own little…

Creative Writing

Set Life

Your life is a Netflix series, and everyone knew it. The love of your life plays the part of the love of your life. It’s not really her. It’s Hollywood. The series has a 7.5/10 approval rating. The entire human race was auditioned. Decisions were made soon afterwards. The cast are confident of success. With…

Creative Writing

Making Friends

Dolly hadn’t exactly been glad to see them go but she wouldn’t miss the noise of thundering footsteps up and down the stairs outside her flat. When she had complained to the landlord she wasn’t expecting that they would be evicted but it couldn’t really be said that it was her fault. Not really. After…

Creative Writing

A Safe Space

Therapy always began with a silence, the kind of dreadful silence that was desperate to speak. They asked him how he felt. He panicked. He always panicked when they asked him anything to do with feelings. The corners of his lips curled towards the broken fan above, the fan that turned slowly in the occasional…

Creative Writing

Beneath Silence

Silence is the cruelest weapon  You teach her to swallow back tears  Master the art of snide and contempt  Fight fire with fire, burn for burn.  Tell me, how long will it take to unlearn  All the hate she festers within, all the hurt?  With luck, she’ll dance atop broken glass  Scald the coffin; bury…

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