Creative Writing / 09/02/2021 Beyond Serenity

“This is the first day of your freedom, kid.” His voice was tender, warm even. The layer of humour softened the blow that this was the end of an era and the start of another. But an icy surface covered the heartfelt, blithe sentiment. The words were familiar. Not in a homely sense, but rather...

Creative Writing / 09/02/2021 Mydinova

Weather rattled against the canopy overhead And the branches whimpered and sighed in the wind, Thick, brittle things like the arms and legs of innocent insects. The sun was dipping low, its orange glow piercing And disappearing between glimmers of growth. Dust and dirt and grime and grit All gathering together and becoming stronger And...

Creative Writing / 09/02/2021 Figuring Out Phyllis

The inescapable reality of a being writer is that the words aren’t always there. Usually when you need them most. To write on demand is a unique skill; to write well on demand is damn-near impossible. Sometimes the stars align but often, at the moment of need, words are strewn about on a break, too...

Creative Writing / 19/01/2021 Between Christmas and the New Year

(CW: Mentions of death) the please-come-home-for-christmas radio, the fairytale-of-new-york radio, the ave-maria radio     is a time machine is a corpse is just  static in the air like damp pine needles and frost. a stag is not a god. a god is not an animal  staggering away from a festive-music-radio-corpse. a stag is a deer...

Creative Writing / 19/01/2021 Holiday

Imagine sipping a piña colada on a beach in Barbados. Where a wind kisses your cheeks, whispering through the language of the palm trees. Your lips purse as you sip its imaginary juices. It feels tangy. Fresh. Everything this moment lacked. Now, a murky cloud begins to form in the shape of a camel, its...

Creative Writing / 15/12/2020 Variations XI & XII

As will be seen, the fog Has faded. The high street Shunned it, chased It from its lofty perch High above the tarts in Cages who jeer below. You really aren’t understanding me. As your eyes accustom to The changing times, internet Sleuths will stalk you: the weakest Spot in the ordinary array of forces....

Creative Writing

Creative Writing, Venue


Hectic. That’s the only word I have for today. Sure, it’s been in the works for months – I signed the agreement weeks ago – but nothing can prepare you for the moment the once empty, internet-trapped room becomes your castle.  Billy cried this morning. He – and I quote – wanted to know why…

Creative Writing, Venue

My Illness Has Teeth

  Debby asked me to keep a tally for the number of cups of coffee I drink per day. I keep the tally in my mind. Three so far today, I think. If decaf counts, then maybe four or five more. If strawberry infused green tea counts, then five or six. Maybe seven. Pushing eight…

#BLM, Creative Writing, Venue

Just Platonic?

There are relationships doomed to suffer, and relationships that make suffering. Like a cop who kisses his gun at night and lays it under his pillow. The only Black he dares to touch is the butt of his precinct-funded revolver; he tends her like a prized cow raised for slaughter, cocking his perverse killing machine….

#BLM, Creative Writing, Venue


We see people in the streets: Eyes ablaze, voices loud, hearts angry; More aware of injustice than we’ve ever been.  We will not be silenced. We ask to be taught our past To know better, do better, be better – Statues are falling, attitudes are evolving, people are learning. We demand a better future. We…

#BLM, Creative Writing, Venue

Our Thoughts

This should not be happening in 2020. We are living in a time which promotes equality for all; No one should be hated. But others haven’t seemed to have gotten the memo. 2020 has proved that. The thorns on a deeply rooted bush Still blind some eyes to the injustice happening all around us, And…

#BLM, Creative Writing

White oppression’s pandemic

Lockdown is a hassle for white, republican moms.  It’s a brunch time, lunch-in time, crunch time interruption,  deserving of a protest in Trader Joe’s  as mimosas and defiance and declarations of freedom flow and flow  past unused riot shields and PPE bikinis and forcefield clad M*GA hats  that prevent the armoured blows of batons on…

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