Creative Writing / 03/05/2022 A Memorable Weekend

Blue skies and blue waters. That is what I remember about the first weekend when we went our separate ways again. The distinction between the sky and the sea was impossible to spot, yet I know the line between them existed. Occasionally it made itself seen from the break of waters, other times it was...

Creative Writing / 03/05/2022 The Beginning

I become aware of my surroundings like a diver rising from the depths. Slowly, and then all at once. Light floods my vision, and for a moment, I’m completely overwhelmed. Incrementally, my eyes adjust to my surroundings, and I become aware that I am standing in a vast, vaulted chamber, everything around me white, pearl...

Creative Writing / 03/05/2022 Mistake

The thing is, you were an accident. A mistake. A problem to be solved. We just didn’t get there in time. I didn’t get there in time. I had always been irregular, so I didn’t think much of it. I should have. I really, really, should have. I should have kept track. I mean, they...

Creative Writing, Venue / 22/03/2022 Don’t Fall

Look at them. All just walking around. Getting on with their lives. I bet they don’t know what it’s like. I mean, some of them, maybe, but it can’t be this bad. If it was this bad, they wouldn’t be down there, walking around, getting on with their lives. If it was this bad, they...

Creative Writing, Venue / 22/03/2022 Something Worth Sticking To

Between a parent and a child, the common denominator is love. But is love a skill we have naturally? Do our parents instinctively know how to love us? Or were they taught? I think the answer is both. Love is a natural phenomenon. Every person is capable of loving something or someone. But just because...

Creative Writing, Venue / 22/03/2022 Why You Should Always Listen To Your Partner In The Morning

I dreamt that I saw the end of the world. There wasn’t a particular moment, I knew the world was ending. Dumb and asking myself how scared I am. Not out of lucidity, in a fastest-way-out-for-fear-of-painful-death kind of way. Then I’m in a bunker, and I have a really nice car with white leather seats...

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