Fashion / 09/02/2021 What makes a successful make-up collaboration?

Make-up collaborations can be hit or miss. Whilst they can certainly be appealing when they involve two things you love coming together, are they always really worth the price tag?  Let us take, for example, a look at the recent collaboration between Colourpop and Nintendo’s Animal Crossing. The collaborative element involves having the characters in...

Fashion / 09/02/2021 Design stealing: the exploitation of Independent Brands

Most people are aware of the environmental costs of fast fashion, but few are informed of the more subtle exploitation taking place behind the scenes, which regularly affects small businesses all over the world. Large fashion retailers, such as Shein, Zara and New Look, to name a few, are regularly stealing designs from independent brands...

Fashion / 09/02/2021 Corsets, Colour and Couture: How Historically Accurate are Bridgerton’s Costumes?

‘Bridgerton’, Netflix’s phenomenally successful early 19th-century drama series, takes a deep dive into the worlds of class, societal expectations, and romance. Most intriguing though is its exploration of the elegance and flamboyance of 1800s upper-class fashion. But how historically accurate is it? In the early 1800s the high-waisted empire line dress, with its silhouetted corsets,...

Fashion / 09/02/2021 Carrie Bradshaw’s most iconic looks

In the wake of the announcement of Sex and the City’s return to our screens, it’s only fitting to look back at lead character Carrie Bradshaw’s most influential and iconic looks.  Her first ever outfit is particularly memorable: a tiered white tutu paired with a tight pink top, worn in the show’s opening sequence. Its...

Fashion / 09/02/2021 Influencers, Gossip Forums and Press Scrutiny: the Modern Culture of Bullying

On a dark corner of the internet, individuals who find themselves increasingly frustrated with influencers gather to share their grievances. Under the guise of anonymity, these individuals vent and unleash the rage that has been seething within them. Sometimes the discussions are productive, picking apart questionable decisions, words used or comments made that they find...

Fashion / 19/01/2021 Let’s get cynical: celeb skincare from Kylie Jenner to Emma Chamberlain

In recent years, attention to skincare has skyrocketed, with the best products, routines and brands becoming a persistent topic of interest on social media. While most of us have been fixated on serums, moisturisers and scrubs, a new gap in the market has opened; a gap for celebrities to slither in and endorse their own-branded...


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