Fashion, Venue / 03/05/2022 Is Cosmetic Surgery on its Way Out?

Cosmetic surgery can do a lot for a person’s self-confidence. Take Khloé Kardashian, who admitted she loves her nose job and regretted not getting it done sooner. But recently a wave of celebrities have come out saying that they either regret their surgery or have had cosmetic procedures reversed. Bella Hadid spoke about getting a...

Fashion, Venue / 03/05/2022 The Head-Turning Looks at Coachella 2022

Recently, the highly-anticipated Coachella took place, a festival which we Brits associate with glitz and glamour – the opposite of what we are used to. Coachella is predominantly known for its impressive line-up which, this year, consisted of Harry Styles and Billie Eilish – even Swedish House Mafia popped in to say hi. The event...

Fashion / 22/03/2022 The Spring Closet Essentials

Spring is relief. Taking a breath after being submerged in the inky, winter sea. Winter’s blues, blacks, and grey, pinstripe and sequins, melt off our skin when it is just about warm enough. As much layering fur in the winter is a survival instinct, so is shedding it. The spring is emerging from the depths,...

Fashion / 22/03/2022 How the Fashion World is Responding to the Conflict in Ukraine

By now, everyone is aware of the heart-wrenching events taking place in Ukraine. There is an overwhelming helplessness when watching Russia’s attempts of control from the sidelines. These past few weeks have also seen numerous Fashion Week taking place, and it has caused designers and big names in the industry to help Ukraine as much...

Fashion / 22/03/2022 The Looks of Paris Fashion Week

Various A-list celebrities were spotted at the fashion extravaganza that was Paris Fashion Week from the end of February to the beginning of March, as luxurious fashion brands introduced their dramatic fall collections from Dior, Chanel and Valentino to Louis Vuitton, Balmain, and Saint Laurent. Sitting front row and sauntering the fashion shows in their...

Fashion / 01/03/2022 The Rising It-Girls of Euphoria

A Gen-Z sensation, HBO’s American teen-drama series Euphoria has not only become an instant television success since the first season’s release in 2019, but returning for its second season this January, is now one of the most inspirational series for fashion searches around the globe. Following a messy friendship group with a graphic storyline, Euphoria...


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