Features, Venue / 28/01/2020 The modern March sisters: the costumes of ‘Little Women’

Timothee Chalamet’s tousled hair wasn’t the only thing that caused a stir when images from Greta Gerwig’s film adaptation of Little Women were released. The colourful array of costumes has delighted movie goers and critics alike, with Gerwig retaining the classic period feel, whilst appealing to modern viewers with a wholly relevant approach to layering...

Features / 17/09/2019 Money, money, money…in a student’s world

Coming to uni means you will have to juggle lots of different responsibilities – and perhaps the most important (and dullest) of those will be your finances. Financial trouble and money mismanagement can lead to a decline in your wellbeing and mental health. Therefore, it is so important that you budget effectively and keep on...

Features / 17/09/2019 Best of Norwich

Norwich’s reputation as a fine city precedes it with its blossoming businesses, hidden gems, and glimmering possibilities.  The Wildman, located as you descend into the Lanes, is a pub notable for its armchairs, cosy interior and carpeted foyer. With an array of beer and lager on tap, the pub is a pleasant environment to nurse...

Features / 29/05/2019 UEA award ceremony

Writers Lois Arcari, Sophie Clayton and Sandra Tse are UEA Award Ambassadors for LDC. Clayton co-hosted the Award Ceremony, Tse was in the decorations and meet and greet team, and Arcari also worked on meet and greet as well as presenting a speech about her experiences of the award. At the close of the spring...

Features / 07/05/2019 ‘Oh UEA is [not so] wonderful’

*Trigger warning: suicide* When hearing of another another student death at UEA, Aaron Hood could not let another day pass by without doing something – anything-about it. Following several late nights of brainstorming with his partner ways to alleviate this ‘mental health epidemic’ on campus, Aaron explains how mental health grassroots movement, #NSFW, was born. “We know...

Features / 13/04/2019 Books as a break

We’re in second term, and studying can get overwhelming. Sometimes it’s good to take a break with a book that’s non-curricular for a change. Our writers give their recommendations. Karl Ove Knausgård – My Struggle Not much happens across the 3,600 pages of Knausgård’s autobiographical project; he mostly picks up his children from school, loads...



Daughters of England

By the end of the month, an original piece of drama, Daughters of England – an adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s short story, The Society – will be put on by the UEA Drama Soc in Norwich’s Maddermarket Theatre. I decided to interview the writer, Katie Stockton, about Woolf, the writing process, and the canon… Tell…


The legacy of Stan Lee

Whether you’re a comics fan or merely a filmgoer, prefer DC or Marvel, Stan Lee’s influence on the world of superheroes has shaped what we now know it to be. His approach to the superhero genre was innovative and new, and with his first major creation, The Fantastic Four, the brave defenders of our world…


Christmas vs Halloween

Christmas  There’s nothing better than the soft smell of cinnamon, and a subtle sweet scent of oranges to embrace you; or hot chocolate steam in a red and white mug to warm you up. How about dazzling coloured lights to brighten up dark skies and cold nights? Christmas is by far the holiday to evoke…

Features, Venue

How to answer the front door

It’s that time of the year again when you can expect some impending knocks on the door, and to be greeted by various creatures of the night or characters from Frozen. Not to mention the accompanying adults who try to look bored but are happily reliving their childhoods vicariously through their children. This week, I…


About Lester theatre review

About Lester is a production by Coast to Coast, written and directed by third year English and Drama student Rohan Gotobed. Receiving excellent feedback from its original performance back in June, I was intrigued to attend its recent revival, and was not disappointed. Wonderfully written, the cast successfully execute a range of complex and beautifully…

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