Film / 13/04/2021 Concrete at BFI Flare

Representation, in all forms, is perhaps one of cinema’s most important tasks. Cinema is a platform that allows for individuals from around the world to see their stories being lived by others and in doing so allows them to gain a greater understanding of themselves. In every film, we must strive for representation. Since 1986,...

Film / 13/04/2021 What to Watch: April

A not so very long time ago in an office far, far away…from everyone, I sat down and thought about what films I have indulged in over the past few weeks. Since lockdown began, I have escaped the same four walls within film and television. After watching The Mandalorian on Disney Plus, my family and...

Film / 13/04/2021 Essential viewing: LGBTQ+ films

As a queer girl and a film lover, finding movies that tell the stories of the LGBTQ+ community always makes me very happy. Here are some of my favourites! Tangerine (2015) dir. Sean Baker This film is now considered a queer cult classic, and the IMDb trivia page is well worth diving into. Following two...

Film / 13/04/2021 Zack Snyder’s Justice League

I love a cinematic event. They’d been sorely missing during COVID thus far. At first, the announcement of the Snyder Cut’s release prompted little more than a raised eyebrow, then as I got thinking about it, I thought “maybe it will be so bad it’s good”, and right as the trailers were coming out I...

Film / 23/03/2021 #releasethesnydercut: Should We Care?

The year was 2017 and Warner Bros. had just released its DC superhero team up epic, Justice League. An orange, CGI mess of a film with rushed story lines and strange moustache faces. Fans were not pleased. DC has always floundered in the limelight of its super-competitors, rushing releases to match the never-ending stream of...

Film / 23/03/2021 Watch to Watch: March

March marks the first month since Disney Star’s release, with many previously unreleased content from the Disney-Fox merger becoming available. Amongst these is the brilliant and lesser-known Waking Life (2001), an experimental, anti-movie from director Richard Linklater, which focuses on a protagonist’s attempts to escape from a series of lucid dreams.  The movie deliberately functions...



The importance of women in film

When asked, people tend to struggle to name female writers, directors, cinematographers etc. Well, I am here to name a few. Firstly, Lorene Scafaria, directed the 2019 hit Hustlers. A crime thriller and yes, the film is about strippers, but it is also about women doing the best that they can in a broken system….


Essential viewing: Recent Films Directed by Women

From the soft, adolescent comfort of ​Lady Bird​ (2017) to the sickeningly tense ​The Babadook ​(2014),​ ​consider this a brief list of women-directed films that, I hope, can offer something for every type of cinephile. The Breaker Upperers ​(2018), directed by Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek This anti-romantic comedy is somehow cynical of love…


What to watch this Valentines

Films about love are in abundance, so when it comes around to Valentine’s day, it can be hard to pick which is best to watch!  Let’s look at the options.  The classics:  Films like ‘The Notebook’, ‘Love, Rosie’ and ‘Letters to Juliet’ fit into the more classic type of romance story. You are guaranteed to…


Best films for singles on Valentine’s Day

There is so much pressure that comes with the fear of being alone on Valentine’s Day and finding that special someone to celebrate this romantic day with, that sometimes we forget about the perks of being single. Why not appreciate you living your best life by popping on a cheerful, upbeat film that celebrates everything…


Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Christ, that movie was 2 and a half hours long. Let’s get the pleasantries out the way: yes the CGI can be a bit questionable, yes when Kristen Wiig becomes a cheetah it looks terrible, yes it’s much too long, yes, it falls through in the third act, and yes, it is just another of…

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