Film / 07/12/2021 Norwich Film Festival: The Arts Prevails

Picture this: it’s 2009, you’ve left university and you’re having coffee in The Forum with your friend. They show you a short film that they’ve made and you’re amazed by it. They’re struggling to get it into any festivals and there’s nothing in Norfolk. They are disheartened that all their hard work will go to...

Film / 07/12/2021 Why We Need Short Films:

It is fashionable – perhaps too fashionable – to feel cynical about the state of contemporary cinema. A casual glance through the screenings at one’s local cinema only seems to reinforce this belief: the average movie going experience is packed with spectacles, superheroes, and sequels. It is also in fashion to link this to the...

Film / 07/12/2021 Christmas Classics Countdown

I love Christmas films. In my first year at uni, I had a ‘Christmas Countdown’, where I planned to watch a Christmas movie every day of December until Christmas. This year, I’m determined to complete it.  Last year, I watched more Christmas movies in the two weeks before Christmas than I ever had before, thanks...

Film / 07/12/2021 Norwich Film Festival: in Conversation with Director and Writer Bertie Gilbert

Ever wondered what filmmakers think of Norwich? It seems they are amused by the equal proportion of hippy stoners to elderly people here, or at least Bertie Gilbert is. Writer and director Bertie Gilbert was also keen to see his short film screened at the Norwich Film Festival: “I love that I had to make...

Film / 16/11/2021 The Hunger Games – Why The Trilogy Could Have Been So Much Better

I remember first watching The Hunger Games in 2013, just before Catching Fire came out. I also remember the chills and utter shock I felt at the end of the sequel, when Jennifer Lawrence looks directly into the camera, showing all of Katniss’ anger clear in her face. They’re incredible films, and they make some...

Film / 16/11/2021 Norwich Film Festival Is Back Better Than Ever!

The privilege to watch films in person was tragically taken away from film-lovers last year. Norwich Film Festival celebrates having this experience once again, returning this year with its largest showcase yet! From the 12th to the 21st of November, the festival will be screening a wide range of independent films from a regional, national,...



No Time To Die: Review

After six years and a pandemic-induced delay, No Time to Die ,the 25th James Bond film and Daniel Craig’s fifth and final run as Bond, was finally released. This has been heralded by many as the saviour of the British film industry. Craig’s exit marks the end of an era, but simultaneously paves the way…


Bizarre Science: Why do we watch horror films?

As Halloween approaches and the nights get darker, lots of people will be settling down to watch a horror film. What is it about these movies that make horror-lovers obsessed with them and keeps them coming back for more jumpscares and gore? What makes someone sign up for a dose of “media-induced masochism”? Science may…


Autumn Films to Curl Up To This Month

So, it’s officially autumn! That time of year when you can put on cosy coats and walk with a pumpkin spiced latte amongst the falling leaves. Or, when it’s a rainy day and you want a film to curl up to. So, I’ve got some suggestions for every genre over this season, from cult-classic Halloween…


The Importance of Watching International Films

Parasite made history when it won Best Picture at the Oscars. Not only was it the first subtitled film to do so but it was the first South Korean film to be nominated for an Academy Award. Parasite also took home Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Film. Only twelve foreign language films…


Why Stardust is a Must-Watch

Stardust is one of those films that almost everyone has seen but it’s never at the forefront of people’s minds. We forget about it until something reminds us of it – then we’re hit with a wave of nostalgia and such a strong love that we must rewatch it. For a while, it takes over…


Shang-Chi: Review

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is one of Marvel’s latest releases amongst the many series and movies they have released this year. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is the first stand-alone film in the MCU to feature an Asian-American superhero. The movie had amazing cinematography and fight scenes, which…

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