Gaming / 04/05/2021 Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – What we know so far

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is launching May 14th, remastering the original trilogy with all DLCs and new elements to bring the older games into the Modern World. It’s quite exciting; my experience with Mass Effect was only with Mass Effect 2 and its sequel’s multiplayer (which unfortunately is not being included!). Perhaps the most...

Gaming / 04/05/2021 Most Memorable Gaming Experiences

Pokémon FireRed Every Friday, if I’d been well-behaved that week, my mum would drive me to The Game Zone, a video game rental shop not far from our house whose stock of retro games I wouldn’t fully appreciate until years after it closed down. There, I would pick up the same copy of Pokémon FireRed...

Gaming / 04/05/2021 Gambling in Gaming

Gambling can be a slippery slope and in the gaming industry it is commonly linked to online poker, or slot machines. But gambling is so intrinsically linked to gaming that it appears even in games that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Yet what is more concerning is that it appears in a form that even young...

Gaming / 13/04/2021 Console Scalping

Picture this: the brand new PS5 launches, you click onto the Game website to pre-order, and all copies are out of stock within the first 10 minutes of being launched. You ask yourself: who could possibly be so quick and greedy to buy all the PS5s? Also known as ‘scalping’, teenagers used bots to buy...

Gaming / 13/04/2021 A Brief History of the Zelda Empire

The Legend of Zelda games have become something of a household staple. Zelda, having been around for over thirty-four years, is one of the most popular franchises in Nintendo’s history. Since its initial release in February 1986, Zelda videogames have reportedly sold over 125 million copies, across more than twenty-five games.  The games follow three...

Gaming / 13/04/2021 The Best AAA Games

Fire Emblem: Three Houses As a big fan of indie games, I rarely play AAA titles. The Call of Dutys and GTAs haven’t ever really appealed to me that much — they are fun, don’t get me wrong, but they’ve never really been games I could play for hours on end. I certainly wouldn’t play...



Videogame Board Games

Video game board games are an odd concept to me. Video games are often the best distillation of their ideas, so the creation of a board game feels unnecessary. However, I also understand that there is a lot of money to be made by transforming existing ideas, and reaching new audiences.  Board games do work…


Pokémon Announcement

It gets to a point where you have been asking for something for so long that you’re surprised when you actually get it.  Pokémon fans began begging for a remake of the popular Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl basically as soon as they came out, and every announcement from Nintendo about the series was preceded…


Stranger Danger

‘Stranger danger’ is one of the biggest fears associated with the internet, especially in online games with chat functions. A quick Google search brings up countless horror stories of children meeting ‘friends’ online who turn out to be predators. Young people are so easily influenced, and their trusting nature makes them very easy targets for…


Women in the Gaming Industry

Over the last few decades, the proportional makeup of gamers has increased to 52% women in 2014 according to a study by The Guardian, a statistic which challenges the gamer stereotype. Why then are so few women developing games? Only around 20% of game developers are women, and it seems strange to me that with…


Greatest female characters in video games

Madeline – Celeste Madeline, the main protagonist in the platformer Celeste, is a fascinating character and shows how we could strive to overcome difficulties we may face with our mental health, despite the overwhelming challenge it presents at times. Late into the game Madeline does something striking and manages to convince the other side of…


Favourite Indie Games

Wide Ocean Big Jacket is one of my favourite games I played last year. It’s gorgeous, it’s stylistic, it’s funny. It just has that indescribable something that lends it this storytelling charm.  The story begins with a young man and woman taking their thirteen-year-old niece and her first boyfriend camping, and develops as you inhabit…


Mind Over Matter: Valve co-founder Gabe Newell lifts lid on revolutionary ‘mind control’ game technology

Gabe Newell, president and co-founder of Valve, has discussed details on what brain-computer interface technology (BCI) could mean for the gaming landscape. He has hinted it could one day allow players to control action in-game using only their minds, and allow us to have experiences that are “superior” to our reality.  Speaking to TVNZ’s 1…

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