Gaming / 02/03/2021 Stranger Danger

‘Stranger danger’ is one of the biggest fears associated with the internet, especially in online games with chat functions. A quick Google search brings up countless horror stories of children meeting ‘friends’ online who turn out to be predators. Young people are so easily influenced, and their trusting nature makes them very easy targets for...

Gaming / 02/03/2021 Women in the Gaming Industry

Over the last few decades, the proportional makeup of gamers has increased to 52% women in 2014 according to a study by The Guardian, a statistic which challenges the gamer stereotype. Why then are so few women developing games? Only around 20% of game developers are women, and it seems strange to me that with...

Gaming / 02/03/2021 Greatest female characters in video games

Madeline – Celeste Madeline, the main protagonist in the platformer Celeste, is a fascinating character and shows how we could strive to overcome difficulties we may face with our mental health, despite the overwhelming challenge it presents at times. Late into the game Madeline does something striking and manages to convince the other side of...

Gaming / 09/02/2021 Should game reviewers review games for which they are not the target audience?

There are thousands of game reviews out there, but I wonder how many of these reviewers are actually the target-audience of the game, and if this makes a difference. Should reviewers only be critical of games suited to them, or can they review all games in the same way, even if these games did not...

Gaming / 09/02/2021 Persona 4 Golden: The importance of a strong cast

To almost everyone’s surprise, in June 2020 Persona 4 Golden was released on PC, making it the first Persona title ever released on the platform. Its release on Steam also rescued it from its entrapment on the PS Vita– Persona 4 Golden is an enhanced version of the original game for PS2– an absolutely miserable...

Gaming / 09/02/2021 Favourite Indie Games

Wide Ocean Big Jacket is one of my favourite games I played last year. It’s gorgeous, it’s stylistic, it’s funny. It just has that indescribable something that lends it this storytelling charm.  The story begins with a young man and woman taking their thirteen-year-old niece and her first boyfriend camping, and develops as you inhabit...



Board Games

The Game of Life When my family and I fancy an afternoon playing a board game, we usually reach for The Game of Life. It’s fun, easy, and absolutely hilarious when someone lands on a spot and has to give up all their money (it’s usually the sore loser among the group). The Game of…


Games of the Year

Animal Crossing: New Horizons It seems almost impossible to write about the top games of 2020 without mentioning Animal Crossing! The seemingly perfect timing of the game’s release as most of the world was in, or heading into, nationwide lockdowns was probably one of the greatest accidental marketing strategies of all time. The game instantly…


Slender and its Influence on YouTube Horror

Back in 2009, Something Awful user Eric Knudsen created the creepypasta character Slender Man via a competition in which users had to create “paranormal images” using Photoshop. He added a tall, thin, faceless man to some black and white pictures of children and added snippets of text suggesting their abduction and death. Now, Slender Man…

Gaming, Venue

Lockdown Games Part II

The 2017 reincarnation of Star Wars Battlefront II has proven to be a game that I just can’t stop playing during both of this year’s lockdowns. Despite the criticism it received in previous years, the game now feels fully complete to me and I wish that the developers would continue to work on this tremendously…

Gaming, Venue

Lockdown Games Part II

Pokémon Platinum is a welcome respite to the stress of lockdown. Any time I want to squeeze some serotonin into my life, I boot up my ancient Nintendo DS, wipe my completed game file, and start playing again from scratch.  You play as a Pokémon trainer, travel through the Sinnoh region, battle and capture Pokémon…

Gaming, Venue

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Gaming Industry

Covid-19 has had some devastating effects on businesses all around the world, but the gaming industry has not suffered as much as it has boomed.  Though we’ve seen delays in games, like Cyberpunk 2077, and cancelled competitions, we’ve also seen the gaming industry adapt with the changing times and still continue to thrive.  While the…

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