Gaming, Venue / 16/11/2021 Exploring the highly anticipated update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If I’m honest, I haven’t been on Animal Crossing New Horizons for two months. My islanders were not pleased to say the least, especially Agnes. After ruffling my hair back into place and ridding my house of cockroaches, I set off to beg my villagers for forgiveness.  The reason for my return to the game...

Gaming, Venue / 16/11/2021 Gaming Giant SEGA to Join Forces With Microsoft

There has been debate in the online gaming community about whether the gaming giant was being bought out by Microsoft Corporation, since SEGA published a tweet where they visited Microsoft’s offices. It has been announced that the Japanese video game company is ‘in principle’ joining forces with Microsoft. It is an alliance aimed at allowing...

Gaming / 26/10/2021 A Conversation with Twitch Streamer HoHoHoney

At Autumn’s beckoning, I took a weekend off and went to London. I met up with my best friend, Honey, who I have known for six years. Together we competed in NUEL’s Women Tournaments on League of Legends in 2021, she was also the first person who got me into gaming. Honey is currently a...

Gaming / 26/10/2021 Do we still need to purchase consoles?

Is there any need to continue purchasing consoles? Typically, I play Xbox the old fashioned way, through my console and TV. At first I was skeptical about trying it out using Xbox Cloud Gaming, fearing that it wouldn’t be as enjoyable playing on a small screen. However, shortly after pairing my controller with my iPad...

Gaming / 26/10/2021 Christmas Gift Guide – Gaming Edition

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not really ‘in the know’ about most games. I think the last time I played a computer game was in my childhood Friv days, and I’m pretty limited in terms of console games to Buzz! although I used to love trying my hand at Call of Duty and...

Gaming, Venue / 05/10/2021 13 games coming to Xbox Game Pass

Hooray Xbox Game Pass subscribers, 13 games are waiting for you to pick up and play!  The new games include 5 existing games and 8 new releases that were scheduled to launch from the 15th of September. Whether you are looking for an adventurous story or a battlefield, there is something for you.  These 13...



Videogame Board Games

Video game board games are an odd concept to me. Video games are often the best distillation of their ideas, so the creation of a board game feels unnecessary. However, I also understand that there is a lot of money to be made by transforming existing ideas, and reaching new audiences.  Board games do work…


Pokémon Announcement

It gets to a point where you have been asking for something for so long that you’re surprised when you actually get it.  Pokémon fans began begging for a remake of the popular Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl basically as soon as they came out, and every announcement from Nintendo about the series was preceded…


Stranger Danger

‘Stranger danger’ is one of the biggest fears associated with the internet, especially in online games with chat functions. A quick Google search brings up countless horror stories of children meeting ‘friends’ online who turn out to be predators. Young people are so easily influenced, and their trusting nature makes them very easy targets for…


Women in the Gaming Industry

Over the last few decades, the proportional makeup of gamers has increased to 52% women in 2014 according to a study by The Guardian, a statistic which challenges the gamer stereotype. Why then are so few women developing games? Only around 20% of game developers are women, and it seems strange to me that with…


Greatest female characters in video games

Madeline – Celeste Madeline, the main protagonist in the platformer Celeste, is a fascinating character and shows how we could strive to overcome difficulties we may face with our mental health, despite the overwhelming challenge it presents at times. Late into the game Madeline does something striking and manages to convince the other side of…


Favourite Indie Games

Wide Ocean Big Jacket is one of my favourite games I played last year. It’s gorgeous, it’s stylistic, it’s funny. It just has that indescribable something that lends it this storytelling charm.  The story begins with a young man and woman taking their thirteen-year-old niece and her first boyfriend camping, and develops as you inhabit…


Mind Over Matter: Valve co-founder Gabe Newell lifts lid on revolutionary ‘mind control’ game technology

Gabe Newell, president and co-founder of Valve, has discussed details on what brain-computer interface technology (BCI) could mean for the gaming landscape. He has hinted it could one day allow players to control action in-game using only their minds, and allow us to have experiences that are “superior” to our reality.  Speaking to TVNZ’s 1…

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