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Norwich, UK
Saturday, July 4, 2020

Making Use of Our Mammal Hands

Holly J. McDede sits down with Norwich Jazz trio to soak up their new album

UEA Choir and Orchestra: Pictures of Russia

The conductor of an orchestra in which I used to play once told me that in order to play Russian music properly, one had...

Spooky scary skele-tunes

Sunny Hill – Midnight Circus Midnight Circus coaxes you in with an off-kilter piano melody, welcoming you to an enthralling yet unsettling show caught in...

Live Review: Laura Marling @ The Waterfront

The Waterfront is hot and stuffy. The sold out crowd is packed together tightly, elbows poking into each other’s backs, edging slowly towards the...

The Vaccines: Combat Sports

The Vaccines have based their eight-year career on the dubious idea that you can never get sick of a good song - the vast...

Artists to watch

Myles Earle gives the lowdown on new faces to watch out for in the music scene.